BuildingEnergy Boston 2016
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Developing the World's Biggest Passive House at Cornell Tech Deborah Moelis, Lois Arena, Luke Falk, Arianna Sacks Rosenberg Commercial & Institutional, Passive House, Education PDF icon PDF (12.84 MB)
Does Electric Grid 2.0 Mean Energy Democracy? John Farrell Cities & Communities, Consumer Behavior & Information, The Grid, Information Technology, Public Policy PDF icon PDF (3.79 MB)
Foam-Free - Fabulous, Feasible, and Fun! Michael Hindle, Carri Beer, Jacob Deva Racusin Insulation, High-Performance Building, Building Materials, Envelope & Enclosure PDF icon PDF (16.09 MB)
Getting to Zero: User Engagement in Achieving Net Zero Energy Buildings Katherine Bubriski, Michael Black, Shannon Kaplan, Samuel Lasky Net Zero Energy, Occupant Behavior PDF icon PDF (9.77 MB)
High-Performance Buildings are Not Enough: An Introduction to High-Performance Cities and the Next Step Robert Leaver, Gustaf Landahl, Susanne Rasmussen Resilient Design & Buildings, Infrastructure & The Bigger Picture, Cities & Communities, The Grid PDF icon PDF (3.59 MB), PDF icon PDF (2.65 MB)
Highways, Health, and Energy: From City Planning to Air Filtration Doug Brugge, Wig Zamore, Jim Newman Carbon Footprint, Cities & Communities, Transportation PDF icon PDF (8.94 MB), PDF icon PDF (2.3 MB), PDF icon PDF (7.13 MB)
How We Sleep at Night - Energy Metrics and Decision Making in Residential Design Ben Southworth, Marc Rosenbaum, Rachel Wagner, David White High-Performance Building, Envelope & Enclosure, Living Building Challenge PDF icon PDF (3.13 MB), PDF icon PDF (681.58 KB), PDF icon PDF (2.04 MB)
Huddle Together for Warmth: Multiple Solutions for Multifamily Passive House Jesse Thompson, Michelle Apigian, Richard Odwyer Energy Efficiency, Multifamily, Passive House PDF icon PDF (15.95 MB)
Integrated Design for High Performance Schools Phil Kaplan, Bill Maclay, Andy Shapiro, Peter Warren High-Performance Building, Commercial & Institutional, Net Zero Energy PDF icon PDF (12.13 MB), PDF icon PDF (12.14 MB)
Is Net Zero Energy Net Zero Benefit? Bill Maclay, Robert Somers Net Zero Energy, Resilient Design & Buildings, Cities & Communities PDF icon PDF (11.15 MB)