BuildingEnergy NYC 2017 Sessions - 11:30

11:30 am
Session Title Session Speaker(s) Areas of Focus
Risky Business? The Reality of Making Money Making Passive Houses

Conventional wisdom says that high performance buildings are expensive. That needn’t be the case. From affordable to market-rate housing, Passive House projects are making financial sense,... Full Description


Passive House

Community Solar Coming Soon to a Rooftop Near You

The public sector and utilities are working furiously to launch community shared solar in New York City, but not much is as yet visible publicly. Unlike the “retail” solar efforts to date, which... Full Description


Micro Cogeneration Systems: Increasing Efficiency and Reducing Emissions

New York City buildings account for more than 50 percent of the city's greenhouse gas emissions. If the City and State are going to meet established greenhouse gas reduction goals, small or “micro... Full Description

Energy Strategies: C&I

Energy Strategies: Multifamily

High Performance Building

ZE, LBC, in NYC?

Let's admit it, as New Yorkers, while we love to hear about Zero Energy building and the Living Building Challenge, we can't shut down the nagging voice in our head asking, “Can we do this here?”... Full Description

High Performance Building

Innovation-Driven Solutions to Reducing Heating-Related Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Energy consumption for heating is one of the largest producers of greenhouse gas emissions in NYC buildings. This session looks at three innovative solutions to the GHG challenge for NYC. Speakers... Full Description

Energy Strategies: Multifamily

Solving the Problem of Ventilation

We have to get fresh air into our buildings to maintain good indoor air quality and health of the residents. Recovering energy from the exhausting indoor air to temper incoming outdoor air makes... Full Description

Energy Strategies: Multifamily