Clean Energy Credit Union Partnership


NESEA has partnered with the Clean Energy Credit Union, an online-only credit union focused solely on clean energy lending, to provide NESEA Members with access to affordable loans for clean energy products and services such as solar electric systems, electric vehicles, home energy efficiency retrofits, electric-assist bicycles, and net-zero energy homes. As a result of the partnership, anyone who is a NESEA Member can now become a member of the Clean Energy Credit Union and gain access to affordable financing products and services.

How to Access Clean Energy Credit Union Financing

Step 1: Visit Clean Energy Credit Union’s website to learn more about their clean energy loan options.

Step 2:  Apply for financing.

Step 3: Once you are pre-approved, become a NESEA Member.

Step 4: Open an account with the Clean Energy Credit Union (click on Join). You will be able to indicate that you are a member of the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association once you begin this process.

Step 5: Begin your project!



For questions about NESEA's partnership with the Clean Energy Credit Union, please contact Katie Schendel at

Our Mission

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