About BuildingEnergy Bottom Lines

"BuildingEnergy Bottom Lines has been absolutely the best thing we have done for our business. It provides a space where we can get solid feedback and keep our finger on the pulse of what other folks are doing out in the world of construction."
-Evan Hardcastle, 377 Builders

What is BuildingEnergy Bottom Lines?

Bottom Lines is a business development program that uses the peer coaching model and is open only to NESEA Business Members. Read on to find out how your business can benefit from participating and learn how to join Bottom Lines today.

How Does it Work?

The program consists of six regional peer groups of NESEA Business Members dedicated to sustainability in the built environment. In a typical year, each group meets twice for a two-day facilitated session at an individual member’s place of business. The network communicates online year-round. Bottom Liners share the inner workings of their businesses with their peers who help them sharpen their skills and improve their triple bottom line (People, Planet, and Profit). You can read the Bottom Lines Network Guidebook here.

What is Peer Coaching?

"Peer coaching is a confidential process through which two or more professional colleagues work together to reflect on current practices; expand, refine, and build new skills; share ideas; teach one another; conduct classroom research; or solve problems in the workplace." -ASCD

Who Participates?

The Bottom Lines network is comprised of more than sixty companies. Each participating company is a member of one of six groups. Each of these groups has a unique name and a designated facilitator (read about facilitators here). You can use this interactive map, color-coded by group, to learn more about the participating businesses.

Become a Participant

There is space in the program for business members devoted to learning and sharing together. Learn more about the pricing and process for joining BuildingEnergy Bottom Lines. Questions? Contact Florence MacGregor at fmacgregor@nesea.org.

Our Mission

NESEA advances sustainability practices in the built environment by cultivating a cross-disciplinary community where practitioners are encouraged to share, collaborate and learn.