BuildingEnergy Boston 2018 Speakers

Session Speakers

Robb Aldrich's pictureRobb Aldrich
Steven Winter Associates

Daniel Arons's pictureDaniel Arons
Perkins Eastman Architects

Barbra BatShalom's pictureBarbra BatShalom
Sustainable Performance Institute (SPI)

John Beeson's pictureJohn Beeson
Catalyst Partners

Michael Browne's pictureMichael Browne
Advanced Building Analysis, LLC

Anthony Callendrello's pictureAnthony Callendrello
BayCorp Holdings

Ryan Cassidy's pictureRyan Cassidy
RiseBoro Community Partnership

Lisa Chase's pictureLisa Chase
Lucky Fish Communications

Daniel Ciarcia's pictureDaniel Ciarcia
Two Willows Consulting

Moshe Cohen's pictureMoshe Cohen
Negotiating Table

Beverly Craig's pictureBeverly Craig
Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC)

Jim D'Aloisio's pictureJim D'Aloisio
Klepper, Hahn & Hyatt

John Dalzell's pictureJohn Dalzell
Boston Redevelopment Authority - Planning and Development Agency

Benjamin Darby's pictureBenjamin Darby
Ashley McGraw Architects, DPC

Jordan Dentz's pictureJordan Dentz
MaGrann Associates, Inc.

Patrick Duffy's picturePatrick Duffy
Broan-NuTone LLC

Barnaby Evans's pictureBarnaby Evans
WaterFire Providence

Kevin Flynn's pictureKevin Flynn
Viessmann Manufacturing Company, Inc. (US)

Chris Ford's pictureChris Ford
Schock USA, Inc.

Brian Foulds's pictureBrian Foulds
Renewable Concord, LLC

Michael Frisina's pictureMichael Frisina
Ashley McGraw Architects, DPC

Susanne Gellert's pictureSusanne Gellert
German American Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

Stefan Goebel's pictureStefan Goebel
Priedemann Facade Experts

Bruce Harley's pictureBruce Harley
Bruce Harley Energy Consulting

Joe Haskett's pictureJoe Haskett
Union Studio Architects

Hank Keating's pictureHank Keating
Passive House Massachusetts

Robert Leaver's pictureRobert Leaver
New Commons

Richard Macintosh's pictureRichard Macintosh
Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions

Joseph Mangum's pictureJoseph Mangum
Sunnyside Solar Store

Sadie McKeown's pictureSadie McKeown
Community Preservation Corporation (CPC)

Samantha Meserve's pictureSamantha Meserve
MA Department of Energy Resources (DOER)

Caitlin Mueller's pictureCaitlin Mueller
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Patrick Murphy's picturePatrick Murphy
Vanderweil Engineers

Robin Neri's pictureRobin Neri
Cadence OneFive

Mike O'Donnell's pictureMike O'Donnell
Steven Winter Associates

Shaun O'Rourke's pictureShaun O'Rourke
Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank

Paul Ormond's picturePaul Ormond
MA Department of Energy Resources (DOER)

Cammy Peterson's pictureCammy Peterson
Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC)

Alistair Pim's pictureAlistair Pim
Northeast Clean Energy Council (NECEC)

Scott Pusey's pictureScott Pusey
Steven Winter Associates

Susanne Rasmussen's pictureSusanne Rasmussen
City of Cambridge, Environmental and Transportation Planning Division

Kavita Ravi's pictureKavita Ravi

Lindsay Robbins's pictureLindsay Robbins
Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

Andrew Shapiro's pictureAndrew Shapiro
Energy Balance, Inc.

Jana Silsby's pictureJana Silsby
Perkins Eastman Architects

Jodi Smits Anderson's pictureJodi Smits Anderson
New Buildings Institute

Marc Stauffer's pictureMarc Stauffer
Marc Stauffer Building Workshop

Adrienne Stauffer's pictureAdrienne Stauffer
Kaplan Thompson Architects

Barry Stephens's pictureBarry Stephens
Ventacity Systems

Steven Strong's pictureSteven Strong
Solar Design Associates, LLC

Stephen Tilly's pictureStephen Tilly
Stephen Tilly, Architect

Kohta Ueno's pictureKohta Ueno
Building Science Corporation