BuildingEnergy NYC 2017 Sessions - 1:30

1:30 pm
Session Title Session Speaker(s) Areas of Focus
The Next Step in Benchmarking: Building Analytics, Big Data and Improved Efficiencies

As detailed building consumption data becomes more readily available, what are the ‘next-level’ questions that we can ask to make buildings operate more efficiently? The dynamics of historically... Full Description

Codes & Standards

Energy Strategies: Multifamily


Building Products of the Future: Where Are We Heading?

New Yorkers are used to the noise of a construction crew in full swing. While those sounds remain the same, industry demands and requirements of today’s building products are changing rapidly, as... Full Description

High Performance Building

Mind the Gaps: Post-Occupancy Discoveries from Data and Operational Perspectives

There’s a perception gap between what we think we’ll get out of high-performance design and construction and what completed buildings deliver. This session looks at the issue from two perspectives... Full Description

High Performance Building

Scale It Up: How NYC Agencies Will Reach 80x50

New York City’s OneNYC goals to reach 80% reduction of carbon emissions by 2050 are ambitious. Perhaps even more ambitious are the city agencies’ strategies to achieve this goal. Come hear the... Full Description


Transforming Affordable Housing: Mid-Rise Passive House Retrofits with Residents in Place

RBSCC and the Chris Benedict R.A. team continue their groundbreaking partnership in an 12-building 264-unit renovation of existing affordable housing to the PHIUS standard. Residents will remain... Full Description

Energy Strategies: Multifamily

Passive House

Solar + Storage, Microgrid BeaUtilities

Combining clean energy production and storage creates a new distributed generation paradigm, the interconnected microgrid. These mini-utilities are being integrated into communities for increased... Full Description


Resiliency & Sustainability