BuildingEnergy Boston 2022 Session Recordings

Thanks to all who joined us at BuildingEnergy Boston 2022! We have made select session recordings from this year's event available to our community, free of charge. We are not able to offer CEUs for viewing session recordings at this time.

Sessions from Monday, February 28, 2022
Session Title Speakers
Monday Keynote - Making Ourselves Heard: The Building Sector as Leaders in Carbon Neutrality

As the nation strives for carbon neutrality by 2050, the role of the building sector is both critical and often overlooked. As clients, manufacturers, designers, engineers, constructors and operators, we know that the most cost-effective carbon... Full Description and Video

At the Finish Line: How Two Affordable Passive Projects Crossed the Hardest Hurdles

Multifamily Passive House new construction can be built today for low incremental cost and dramatic energy reduction. Join us for a review of eight affordable passive house projects, demonstrating that Passive House buildings in the Northeast are... Full Description and Video

Design with a Carbon Conscience: Estimating Embodied Carbon at the Planning Level

Transform your practice by taking responsibility for the carbon footprint of your work. This session reviews existing tools and frameworks, from planning scale to site and garden design, integrating metrics from both architecture and landscape... Full Description and Video

Local Mass Timber: A Paradox

Bowdoin College is currently constructing a pair of connected campus buildings, both with mass timber structures. Located in the Pine Tree State, the project is ironically using timber sourced overseas. This session will use the example of the... Full Description and Video

Your Building as Workforce Training: Integrating Students into High Performance Projects

The Lloyd Center for the Environment is an environmental education building on a coastal nature preserve. This building is pursuing the most stringent environmental certification – LBC – and it is being constructed by students from Greater New... Full Description and Video

Sessions from Tuesday, March 1, 2022
Session Title Speakers
Tuesday Keynote - A Framework for Action: What's Our Role?

Global change requires local action! While the climate crisis has been well articulated at the global level by the United Nations, national governments, and scientific consensus, climate solutions still require community-scale responses. Ancient... Full Description and Video

Take Charge and Electrify That Building!

Most of our existing buildings are already constructed with fossil fuels as the heat source. In this session, BEC will demonstrate the successes of retrofitting high performance electrification, through real projects in various phases from design... Full Description and Video

The Climate Impact of Retrofits: Embodied and Operational Emissions in Weatherization

As buildings become part of the climate change solution, more building professionals and their customers want to know how they can reduce carbon emissions in home retrofits. The presenters conducted a research study to answer this question by... Full Description and Video

Care & Feeding of Brick: Interior Insulation Retrofits of Mass Masonry Buildings

Solid mass masonry buildings are a significant fraction of the existing building stock, and many contribute to the historic fabric of neighborhoods. However, with wall R-values of R-3 to R-5, they do not meet modern standards for energy... Full Description and Video