Exhibitor FAQs for BuildingEnergy NYC 15

Q: What is provided with an exhibition space?

A: Your exhibitor booth includes a 60” x 18” table dressed in black, 2 chairs, access to electricity, a business listing on the event website and in the conference program, and two conference passes for the booth staff.

Q: If I am exhibiting, will I be able to attend any of the sessions presented at the conference?

A: Yes.

Q: How many people can I bring to exhibit at BuildingEnergy NYC 15?

A: Exhibitors are limited to two people per table. However, you may purchase additional passes for members of your organization at the discounted price of $199. Please contact Beth Fraser at bfraser@nesea.org for more information.

Q: What is the timeline for the trade show?

A: Friday, September 25, 2016:
Booth contract must be signed and payment received in order to appear in the conference program. A certificate of insurance (COI) must be received in order to set up your booth. More information about COIs can be found HERE

Wednesday, October 14:
Booth Setup (freight elevator and assistance available): 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Thursday, October 15:
Additional time for booth set up (must use stairs): 7:00 AM - 7:30 AM
Registration opens: 7:30 AM
Exhibition: 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Networking Reception: 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Breakdown: 6:00 PM to 6:30 PM

Friday, October 16:
All boxes stored for shipping must be picked up by shipper

Q: Is there wireless Internet service in the exhibition area?

A: Yes. You will be provided with WiFi access when you arrive.

Q: Will I receive a post-show attendee list?

A: Yes, you will receive a copy of the attendee list within 15-30 days of the end of the conference. However, we encourage you to seek out as many leads as possible at the conference exhibition area.

Q: Can I get a pre-show attendee list?

A: We do not generally distribute the attendee list prior to the show.

Q: What about food?

A: Lunch will be provided in the exhibition area between 12:00PM and 1:30PM. Exhibitors with a name badge/pass will receive lunch. Coffee will also be provided both morning and afternoon. Finally, there is a networking reception with light snacks from 5:00 - 6:00.

Q: Is lead retrieval provided?

A: We do not have a retrieval system in place at this time. However, we highly encourage you to download and fully use the Guidebook App. See this link for more information: https://guidebook.com/g/BENYC15/

Q: What are the deadlines for registration and payment?

A: September 25 is the deadline for payment in order to be included in the conference program.  Email your completed contract with a credit card number to Beth Fraser at bfraser@nesea.org, or fax to 413-774-6053

Q: What is the insurance requirement?

A: Every exhibitor is required to submit a certificate of liability insurance (COI) in order to exhibit. The venue requires it. You can email your COI to Beth Fraser at bfraser@nesea.org, or fax to 413-774-6053. For more information, see this link: http://nesea.org/insurance-requirement

Q: How do I get to the venue?

A: Click here for directions to the TKP NY Conference Center

Q: What is the address for the TKP Conference Center loading dock?

A: The TKP Center does not have a loading dock, it has a freight elevator that NESEA has booked for Tuesday, October 14 from 6 PM - 8 PM. The freight elevator dimensions are 90.5" x 82" x 46" (HxWxD).

Exhibitors will pull up to the entrance of the TKP Center to unload. Please note: you will have to park (there’s a garage across the street) prior to moving your stuff upstairs. NESEA volunteers will be on hand to assist you.

Q: Will there be assistance in loading in to the exhibition area?

A: NESEA staff and volunteers will be on hand to assist you from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM on October 14 and from 7 - 7:30 AM on October 15. If you have specific needs for staff/volunteer assistance please contact Beth Fraser at bfraser@nesea.org

Q: What are the freight elevator hours?

A: Wednesday October 14, from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM. The freight elevator will not be available on the morning of the event. Nor will it be available during breakdown of the event. Vendors setting up the day of must be onsite at 7 AM and be ready to open the doors by 7:30. There is one flight of stairs from the side-walk to the show floor.

Q: To what address should show materials be shipped?

A: Please ship all items to the address provided below. Please note: ONLY UPS, FeEx and DHL can be used to ship. They are the only vendors allowed in the building. If you use another shipper, your materials will not be delivered.

TKP Conference Center
109 West 39th Street
New York, NY 10018
Office #212-444-7342

Q: Is there additional information that should be included on the shipping label?

A: Yes, please include:

Hold for (Company Name)
NESEA-Building Energy NYC 2015
Booth Number
Date of the Event: 10/15/15
Phone Number
Numbered Packages: ex (1 of 2, 2 of 2)

Q: Will there be shipping services available through the conference center?

A: Unfortunately, there is no official shipping department at the conference center. Exhibitors are required to schedule pick-ups with approved carriers (UPS or FedEX) for the day directly after the event ends (Friday, October 16). Exhibitors must provide their own shipping labels.

Q: Is on-site storage available for show materials?

A: There will be storage space for shipments that are scheduled for the exact next day - Friday, October 16. All other shipments are subject to fail.

Q: Where will the badge pick-up be located?

A: Your badges will be on your table when you arrive.

Q: Who should be notified of any late arrivals to the conference center?

A: Please contact Beth Fraser if your exhibit booth equipment or your booth staff are going to be late. Beth can be reached at bfraser@nesea.org or cell number: 413-376-5064.

Any more questions about exhibiting?

Please contact Beth Fraser at bfraser@nesea.org or 413-774-6051 x25.