BuildingEnergy NYC 2018


The BuildingEnergy NYC Conference + Trade Show is NYC's premier event for professionals and practitioners in the fields of high-performance building, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. It brings more than 600 industry leaders and emerging professionals together to learn from and network with each other. This year's event will be held on Wednesday & Thursday, October 3 & 4, 2018 at the TKP New York Conference Center (109 West 39th Street, New York, NY).

This conference is the single best resource for networking and content sharing on energy efficiency in large commercial and multifamily buildings in New York City. It attracts all the key players from the building, sustainability, and resilience sectors for a full day of sessions on best practices and lessons learned.

Here's what a few of last year's attendees had to say about the event:

"The best conference on energy efficiency that I know of."

"The close-knit group of professional attendees create a safe space to talk through real issues, real questions, and real challenges. Nothing feels like a pitch, but rather a forum for honest discussion."

"A day of intense energy nerd bliss."

"BuildingEnergy NYC is the most comprehensive, forward thinking one-day conference to learn about energy initiatives in NY and the region. It's comprised of quality speakers, an agenda that doesn't waste time in between sessions but provides sufficient opportunities to network, and you truly leave feeling like you've learned it all!"

Who Attends

BuildingEnergy NYC sets itself apart from other green building conferences through its interdisciplinary content and audience. Attendees represent dozens of professions and industries including architecture, engineering, building, design, consulting, policy, finance, auditing, installation, construction, and education, among others.

This diversity encourages broader conversations and taking a whole-systems approach to address the challenges facing our built environment.

What to Expect

1. Quality content and speakers - The content and speaker lineup for this event is curated by a volunteer committee comprised of NESEA members. They ensure sessions are data-driven, diverse, and genuinely useful to attendees.

2. New business opportunities - See cutting-edge technology and grow your client base on the trade show floor, which showcases the products and services of dozens of industry leaders.

3. New friends and a sense of community - The NESEA community is incredibly close-knit. Members and non-members alike laugh, learn, and work (and sometimes even dance) together.