A Necessary Evolution: Three Companies Instigate Change via Offsite Construction

To achieve mass adoption of offsite construction, the building process as we know it has to be reevaluated from multiple perspectives. This is especially true when combined with the goals of scaling up low-carbon and high-performance objectives. The session will explore how the three primarily residential companies have built their businesses around offsite manufacturing principles and have developed strategies to “unsilo” the industry. By focusing on collaboration instead of competition, problem solving instead of finger pointing, and true participation at all levels, each company has achieved successes which stand in stark contrast to the siloed workflows found in typical construction.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2023 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Room / Location:
Harbor 3

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Approved for 1 credit hour toward AIA (LU), BOC, and NARI certification. Credit is offered for each full conference day toward MA CSL, PHI, Phius, and RESNET certification.

Learning Objectives:

  • Compare different approaches to offsite manufacturing and reinforcing team integration of the design-build process
  • Implement strategies for transforming the industry by integrating design, pre-manufacturing, and construction optimization
  • Explain what to expect as a client or partner in an offsite construction project
  • Share ideas for adoption of offsite fabrication practices to support the scaling of high-performance construction

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