Project Team

Other Team Members

Ryall Porter Sheridan Architects
Ted Sheridan AIA, ASA, LEED AP
Ted Porter AIA
Sarah Jazmine Fugate
Niko Rychen
Lee McMahon LEED
Jörg Thöne
45 W 21 Street
New York, NY 10010
(212) 254-1175
(212) 254-1755

Civil Engineer
Matthew Beck
Jessica Rizio
Beck Engineering PC
P.O. Box 514
Bondville, VT 05340
(802) 297-3900
(802) 297-1970 (fax)

Structural Engineer
Kristin F. McCusker, P.E.
T.R. Fellows Engineering
163 Foss Street
Morrisville, VT 05661
f 866.593.8131

Dave Ross
David Ross Builder
228 Stage Road
Guilford, VT 05301
(802) 380-1337 (cell- best number to call)
(802) 257-1378 (home)

Mechanical Contractor
Kelly Tyler
A.L. Tyler and Sons
175 Canal St.
Brattleboro, VT 05301

Passive House Consultant
475 High Performance Building Supply
Floris Keverling Buisman
334 Douglass St
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Efficiency Vermont
Peter Schneider / Li Ling Young
Efficiency Vermont
128 Lakeside Ave
Suite 401
Burlington, VT 05401
802-540-7735 directv

Ratings, Awards and Recognition


2011 Vermont Residential Building Energy Standart
Passive House Classic Certified
Resnet Home Energy Rating
Home Energy Rating Certificate (5 Stars Plus) by Efficiency Vermont
LEED Silver (pending)

Other Awards:

AIA Vermont Design Excellence Award

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AIA Vermont Website:

project to be presented at Better Building by Design Conference of Efficiency Vermont February 3-4 2016, "Passive House Strategies - Outside the Box"

Energy Star Score:
HERS Index::

The Guilford Sound recording and production campus in Guilford, Vermont serves as a site for local and visiting artists and musicians to develop projects—both individually and with members of the Southern Vermont community. This five-bedroom residence allows artists to reside on the rural campus, within walking distance of the organization’s state of the art recording studio. The project is embedded into a gently sloping, south-facing hillside with views of the Ashworth valley and distant foothills of the Green Mountains.


A fully vegetated roof flows seamlessly into the field grasses on the hillside and an exterior stair, open to the sky slices through the building encouraging residents to walk up and explore the upper reaches of the surrounding site.  The project is designed to meet International Passiv Haus (Passive House) standards and to achieve LEED Silver certification. These efforts will result in very low energy use for heating and cooling and a high level of interior comfort and air quality with temperature and humidity stabilized using the thermal mass of the structure and the hygroscopic buffering of a dense-pack cellulose insulation envelope.


Clad entirely in ¼” thick steel plate rainscreen, sandblasted and left to oxidize naturally on site, the exterior has a variegated appearance with different coloration and texture from plate to plate.  Inside, the sleeping rooms are connected by a single hallway illuminated by a clerestory window above and a continuous backlit chalkboard designed to be used as tool for collaboration and a shared space for messages and notes.

Quick Facts


Location Guilford, Vermont
Building Type Dormitory
Project Type Deep Energy Reduction
Basis of Performance Claim Modeled, Zero Energy Program
Bedrooms 5
Bathrooms 6.0
Conditioned Floor Area 4,548 sq ft

Energy Summary

Energy Data Type Modeled, Zero Energy Program
Renewable Energy System Type(s)

2011 Vermont Residential Building Energy Standart
Passive House Classic Certified
Resnet Home Energy Rating
Home Energy Rating Certificate (5 Stars Plus) by Efficiency Vermont
LEED Silver (pending)

HERS Index 29
Energy Star Score 5

Envelope and Mechanicals

Subslab assembly

6" XPS insulation under concrete slab and 2" rockwool board above slab.

Foundation wall assembly

9" XPS insulation outbound of concrete foundation wall

Above grade wall assembly

Double wood frame wall with 2x6 interior structural wall with blown in cellulose in cavities, and a second layer (staggered framing) of 9 1/2" TJI framing also filled with cellulose insulation. Exterior corten steel rainscreen over sheathing over weather barrier.

Door Assembly

All exterior doors glazed french doors:
Bieber Fineline Aluminum clad wood doors fir passive house

Air Changes per hour, ACH50 0.34 ACH50