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HERS rating - 0
Exceeds 2009 IECC Energy Cost Compliance Standard

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This home was built with the intent to be environmentally sound, but at the same time taking advantage of the beautiful surroundings of this lot near the Shenendoah Mountains. The house was oriented to allow outstanding views from the rear facing southern exposure windows. The home was highly insulated, utilizes geothermal HVAC and a 10.26 KW solar array to minimize net energy consumption.

Key features of the home are as follows: 

- Well Insulated (R-21 in walls and R-50 in the cieilings), band joints and joints sealed with closed cell foam

- Utlizes a Waterfurance Series 5 geothermal heat pum for heating and cooling

- A wine cellar with takes advantage of a combination of passive cooling plus trim coolling and humidity control via a water to water hiller run off of the geothermal system

- Home is oriented to obtain passive benefits.  Energy Star rated windows and overhangs desinged to minimize summer heat gain

- LED Lighting and Energy Star Appliances

- 10.26 KW solar array installed on barn to provide sufficent power to make the home a close to a net zero home.  Note: Virginia law does not allow indivisuals produce more solar power than their useage.







Quick Facts


Location Afton, Virginia
Building Type Single Family Residence
Project Type Zero Energy Ready / Near Zero Energy
Basis of Performance Claim Verified
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 2.5
Conditioned Floor Area 3,750 sq ft

Energy Summary

Energy Data Type Verified
Renewable Energy System Type(s) Photovoltaics

HERS rating - 0
Exceeds 2009 IECC Energy Cost Compliance Standard

Net electricity usage (purchased) 2,617 kWh/year
Annual renewable energy generated 14,552 kWh/year

Envelope and Mechanicals

Above grade wall assembly

2x6 timber stud walls on 16 centers, 7/16 OSB sheathing and Tyvek wrapped. R-21 dense pack cellulose insulation full cavity, Joist ends and bands foamed.