Zero Net Energy Buildings

Zero Net Energy Buildings

Tuition: $1,095

Master a comprehensive understanding of all of the key components of a zero net energy building—envelope, systems, and renewable energy sources—and how they fit together to confidently create your own home designs. During the course, you’ll learn key pitfalls to avoid and get numerical guidelines on sizing peak heat loss, glazing amounts, and solar electric systems.

Marc Rosenbaum, your instructor, is one of the most popular and best-reviewed speakers at NESEA's BuildingEnergy conference every year. He’s an engaging speaker, extremely honest, meticulously detailed, and curious by nature.

"After teaching over 300 participants, I’m convinced self-paced, asynchronous online learning is the way to master and apply new skills and knowledge." —Marc Rosenbaum

You'll need to have Microsoft Excel and some basic excel skills in order to take full advantage of the course and the included Excel calculators and tools. The course includes several tools and calculators developed by Marc over his years designing Zero Net Energy Buildings and are invaluable for professionals in the industry designing and developing ZNEB.

Update: We now have enough students for the October 12th, 2020 session, so this session is now confirmed! Seats are already beginning to run low so make sure you save your spot today!

Course Date: 

Monday, October 12, 2020 to Sunday, December 20, 2020


Marc Rosenbaum