Support NESEA's Annual Appeal with Matching Contributions from Abode Energy Management

Event Date: 

Wednesday, December 14, 2022 to Sunday, January 1, 2023



Abode Energy Management, proud NESEA Business Member, has generously committed to match up to $10,000 in donations and pledges made to NESEA's Annual Appeal before the end of the calendar year. That means that with your help, we could reach $20,000 in donations in the coming weeks!

The team from Abode is offering to match your donation because they know that NESEA is an organization of progressive thinkers and doers who are working to build a more sustainable and just world. Like NESEA, they strive to influence an industry which will have a lasting positive impact on climate change and they know that each dollar donated to NESEA has a real impact on programming.

Participating in NESEA’s Annual Appeal is a way to directly support our community’s shared vision: a built environment in the Northeast that is climate neutral, adaptive and resilient, energy independent, architecturally inspiring, and supportive of connection and community.

In addition to supporting our programming, Annual Appeal donations allow us to:

  • Implement measures to make NESEA more diverse and inclusive
  • Keep registration fees affordable
  • Respond quickly to new opportunities
  • Build organizational stability and resilience
  • Measure our impact

NESEA is an extraordinary community of practitioners that strives to transform our built environment by building relationships, sharing lessons learned, and challenging the status quo. Please consider making as generous a gift as you can before the end of the calendar year in support of our community’s shared vision. Take advantage of Abode's generous offer by donating or pledging today!



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