BuildingEnergy Boston 23: Deadline for Proposals

Event Date: 

Sunday, October 23, 2022





Request for Proposals

The theme of BuildingEnergy Boston 2023 will be Scalable Solutions. As the need for more buildings collides with the growing climate crisis, now is the time for practical, scalable building design and construction solutions that meet the needs of both the planet and the people who live here. To meet this challenge, we need to reach beyond the relatively small network of early adopters and climate activists, improving how we communicate our ideas, developing solutions that work on a large scale, and building a workforce of informed and willing practitioners.

For this year’s conference, we are particularly interested in proposals that present clear, inspiring, and scalable solutions in the areas of:

  • People — Improving our communication and building a broader consensus around the importance, urgency, and feasibility of sustainable building practices

  • Buildings — Significantly increasing the number of buildings we work on in order to meet climate goals, while not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good

  • Training — Building the robust, dedicated, and diverse workforce necessary to make this all possible


Call for Proposals September 23 - October 23

Review Period October 25-December 5

Notification of Status Early December

Questions? Speaker suggestions? Want to talk over a proposal idea before submitting? Contact Ben Sachs-Hamilton, Conference Director, at


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