Using Future Savings to Move Stalled Energy Projects Forward

Climate change is getting worse, and energy is getting more expensive. Building managers are interested in energy efficiency, but often don’t have the funding to move projects forward.

Waiting to purchase energy assets has a heavy toll. As each month passes, more savings are lost and these are savings that could have paid for those energy assets in full. While the first-year savings of most projects are usually greater than the cost of capital, many projects continue to stall.

In a crowded and competitive marketplace, solution providers who help their customers bridge the finance gap gain an edge. Energy users who pay for projects through their future savings enjoy an easier and less risky path to realizing their energy goals.

Join James Roth, Manager, Operations & Enablement at EnPowered in our learning session, Using future savings to move stalled energy projects forward. Attendees will learn how innovative an on-bill payment solution helps companies acquire clean technologies for a simpler and easier customer journey.

With on-bill payments, businesses can fund their energy efficiency assets by paying for solutions through their future savings, on their electricity bill—with no up-front costs, minimal risk, and a flexible repayment schedule. This empowers businesses to confidently bridge the finance gap.


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Thursday, September 15, 2022 - 3:15pm to 4:15pm

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The Innovation Space

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