Materially Better Building: Tools & Techniques to Make Every Project Healthier

Sponsored by Integrated Eco Strategy
Every team wants their building to be the healthiest and most sustainable possible. Integrated Eco Strategy’s Live Demo will explain the methods and demonstrate the tools to accomplish this effectively and deliver your green projects on time and on budget.

Carbon can be offset, but we cannot offset health or social justice. Drawing on a decade of experience helping clients achieve Living Building Challenge (LBC) and other sustainability certifications, Integrated Eco Strategy can now help any project team produce buildings that are better for everyone concerned—from fence line communities to factory and construction workers to clients and their occupants—and do it efficiently and affordably.

IES employs the LBC Red List to evaluate the building products your projects require. To use the list effectively, we created our software platform Red2Green (R2G), now in use nationwide. R2G includes a database of more than 12,000 products from over 3000 manufacturers and tracks, well, pretty much everything on every project.

We have a simple goal: To ensure that each new project can be the healthiest you have ever created. Join us to see how.


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Wednesday, September 23, 2020 - 11:00am to 11:30am

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