Care and Feeding of Brick: Interior Insulation Retrofits of Mass Masonry Buildings

Solid mass masonry buildings are a significant fraction of the existing building stock, and many contribute to the historic fabric of neighborhoods. However, with wall R-values of R-3 to R-5, they do not meet modern standards for energy efficiency and comfort.  Insulating these buildings successfully—without causing long-term damage—is a vital part of the ‘toolkit’ for meeting energy and climate goals. This session will cover potential pitfalls and risks of interior insulation, including interstitial condensation, freeze-thaw damage, decay of embedded wood members, and surface water concentrations. We will then cover assemblies and details that work to control these risks.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2022 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Room / Location:
Harbor 1-2

CEU Information: 

Attendance for each full conference day offers 4.5 credit hours for both RESNET and MA CSL licensure.

CEU Credits: 

BPI: 1 Hour
GBCI: 1 Hour (BD+C, ID+C, WELL)
NARI: 1 Hour
PHIUS: 1 Hour

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain freeze-thaw and condensation risks associated with interior insulation of mass masonry buildings
  • Discuss potential decay risks in embedded wood members
  • Appraise various interior retrofit insulation assemblies for potential moisture risks
  • Interpret the use of material property testing and hygrothermal simulations to judge freeze-thaw risks

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