Monitoring Energy Performance & IAQ: Multifamily Energy Star vs. PHIUS+

This session will explore both high level monitoring protocols and in-depth performance results of energy and indoor environmental quality measurement within PHIUS+ multi-family buildings to outline opportunities and lessons learned. The presentation team will discuss findings from a detailed monitoring study comparing two nearly identical affordable housing multi-family buildings in Chicago, one meeting EnergyStar® Multi-family requirements and the other PHIUS+ standards. Both energy efficient buildings reduce carbon emissions and strive to enhance health and comfort while limiting operational costs for their income-qualified tenants. The purpose of the monitoring protocol is to verify that the desired outcomes are being achieved, to at least detect problems in case they are not, and preferably to diagnose problems as well.

Session Chair(s): 

Event Time: 

Thursday, August 13, 2020 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm

Room / Location:
Harbor I

Experience Level: 

2 (some prior experience/knowledge helpful)

CEU Information: 

BPI 1.5 hours
GBCI BD+C, ID+C, O+M, WELL 1.5 hours

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of building performance monitoring (energy, comfort, air quality) as well as how different tiers of monitoring systems can be implemented into your next project
  • Compare the energy performance and load profiles of identical buildings built to comply with different performance standards (PHIUS+ 2015 vs EnergyStar®)
  • Evaluate differences in indoor air quality and comfort between the PHIUS+ and EnergyStar® buildings
  • Identify the main differences between the PHIUS+ and Energy Star properties in terms of design considerations, construction cost, and operational costs to maintain long term affordability

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