Leveraging the Logic of Offsite Construction: A Gamified Training

This will be a fun, fast-paced and interactive session that invites designers and architects to try their hand at deploying the logic of panelization to adapt a design for offsite construction and Passive House performance. Participants will work independently or with teams to imbue their design with as many intersections between Passive House and Offsite Panelization as possible. Learn ways that allow for shorter construction times, less material waste, and tighter/higher performing envelopes.

Session Speaker(s): 

Session Chair(s): 

Event Time: 

Wednesday, March 20, 2024 - 2:30pm to 3:30pm

Room / Location:
Marina 3-4

CEU Information: 

BOC: 1 credit hour
BPI: 1 credit hour
GBCI: 1 credit hour (BD+C, ID+C)
MA CSL: 1 credit hour (Energy)
NAHB: 1 credit hour
NARI: 1 credit hour
PHI: Credit offered for full conference attendance
Phius: Credit offered for each full conference day
RESNET: Credit offered for each full conference day

Learning Objectives:

  • Leverage the principles of offsite construction to achieve best envelope performance and project savings.
  • Recognize design moves that play to the strengths of offsite construction, and pitfalls that inevitably compromise the performance or competitiveness of an offsite approach.
  • Collaborate with others to identify offsite-informed solutions to different programs, balancing design and performance-driven choices.
  • Compare and contrast panelized and modular construction and various forms of mass timber, as well as their highest and best use cases.

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