Inside and Out: Insulating Our Existing Masonry Buildings

In the Northeast, we have a large stock of uninsulated masonry buildings. Leaving these buildings as-is is not compatible with efforts to reduce carbon emissions and will not address climate shifts, the fabric of the community, or occupants' health. We explore insulating from the interior or exterior. The approach must be informed by feasibility, durability, toxicity of materials, installation cost, embodied carbon, emissions, and overall envelope performance, including freeze/thaw damage.

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Event Time: 

Wednesday, March 20, 2024 - 10:30am to 12:00pm

Room / Location:
Harbor 2

CEU Information: 

BOC: 1.5 credit hours
BPI: 1.5 credit hours
GBCI: 1.5 credit hours (BD+C, ID+C, WELL)
MA CSL: 1.5 credit hours (Energy)
NAHB: 1.5 credit hours
NARI: 1.5 credit hours
PHI: Credit offered for full conference attendance
Phius: Credit offered for each full conference day
RESNET: Credit offered for each full conference day

Learning Objectives:

  • Employ design concepts that promote reliable and durable solutions for upgrading thermal performance existing masonry walls.
  • Explain how air sealing and vapor control affect the performance of historic masonry enclosures, when insulating from the inside.
  • Identify and address constraints that inform the decisions in the design process for insulating existing masonry walls.
  • Summarize current code considerations informing different solid masonry retrofit options.

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