Delicate Balance: Weighing Embodied vs. Operational Carbon in High-Performance Design

Embodied Carbon (EC) will account for nearly half the global carbon emissions from new construction in the next 30 years. The urgency with which industry professionals, real estate developers, product manufacturers, and property owners must work together to reduce EC in their projects and product selections is mounting. Though sometimes in conflict, EC and Operational Carbon (OC) must be addressed holistically, rather than solving for one at the expense of the other. Using a new affordable housing development as an example, the project architect and sustainability consultant will explore this delicate balance, provide participants with a framework for addressing both EC and OC, and explain how this approach can also increase equity.

Session Speaker(s): 

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Event Time: 

Thursday, September 30, 2021 - 2:00pm to 3:15pm

Room / Location: 

The Hub

CEU Credits: 

AIA: 1.25 LU
BPI: 1.25 Credit Hours
GBCI: 1.5 Credit Hours (ID+C, BD+C)
PHIUS: 1 Credit Hour
RESNET: 5.5 Credit Hours for full conference attendance

Learning Objectives:

  • Assess competing priorities when addressing EC and OC and how to reconcile those conflicts.
  • Identify and address “low hanging fruit” as well as issues that require more thoughtful design and planning.
  • Explore how EC and OC are addressed in a real project example, including how design teams discuss and align on solutions.
  • Distinguish the challenges and opportunities of affordable housing compared to luxury and market-rate projects when it comes to EC and OC.

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