Data-Driven Decision Making with Building Energy Data Tools

10/12/2017 - 15:30 to 16:30
3:30 pm to 4:30 pm

When it comes to low-cost and no-cost software tools that assist multi-asset managers in pursuing energy efficiency strategies, the Internet-of-things offers significant new management opportunities, but one size does not fit all. There is an increasing variety of free and low-cost tools available to end-users. Many have discrete offerings and targeted end-users, while others are designed to rectify the challenges of data entry interface and management protocols across various systems. This session features an update and review of software available from the US DOE and adopted by commercial vendors. The session presents examples of their deployment by end-users in pursuit of rigorous decision-making, accurate management of upfront costs, higher quality predictions of returns on investments, and measured achievement of reductions in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

CEU Information: 

BENYC-1705: AIA 1.0 LU; BPI 1.0