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About us
BrightBuilt Home is a residential design and project facilitation company that guides homeowners through the design and delivery of high-performance net-zero energy homes. We believe deeply in our mission to more rapidly expand the supply of attractive, attainable, energy efficient homes for all, by engaging offsite construction and assembly companies as collaborators. We aim to disrupt this industry to make a profound and meaningful impact on housing availability throughout the Northeast, and, ultimately, nationwide.

Seeking: Construction Liaison

Does the above mission statement resonate with you? Do you also appreciate a vibrant studio atmosphere, working with collaborative, earnest souls who genuinely like working together? If so, we might just be the team for you.

We’re looking for an affable individual with proven experience in residential construction, project management, and customer service.

Strong communication, design, and time management skills are vital. Ideally, you have passion, drive, bright ideas, engaging energy, and an interest in people.

This Position Reports to:

A Construction Liaison works autonomously and with Project Pilots and Architectural Designers, to facilitate stakeholder conversations during the manufacturing and construction phases of new BrightBuilt Homes. As an advocate for homeowners, builders, and BrightBuilt Home itself, a Construction Liaison must be able to bridge the gap between design and construction, assist in development of new process initiatives, and actively participate in the execution and growth of BrightBuilt’s mission.

Required: 3-8 years of construction and/or project management or other relevant residential construction work experience. Location within commuting distance of our office in Portland. Ability to attend modular sets, site visits, and factory visits, as well as outside marketing events within a 3-hour range of Portland, regular in-person client meetings, and in-person office events, some of which will occur on weekend days. Access to the office requires climbing one flight of stairs. Construction Administration requires navigating job sites lacking accessibility features.

Preferred: Experience with sustainable construction practices, assemblies and systems. Familiarity with modular and off-site manufacturing.

Required: Excellent interpersonal, customer service, and communication skills; experience with residential construction processes, assemblies, and subcontractor trades; solution-oriented and resolution-minded and comfortable with helping to mitigate occasional misalignments between project stakeholders.

Preferred: Education/interest/experience in the field of sustainable construction. Software proficiency with ArchiCad or drafting programs, Mac, Microsoft Office, Google Suite, Adobe Creative, Keynote/Powerpoint, photo/video skills


Project Management:
• Serve as primary liaison during manufacturing and construction, between clients, builder, and manufacturer to help bring projects to completion on schedule, within budget, and with maximum client satisfaction
• Balance multiple daily and weekly tasks with ability to pivot and address items in immediate need
• Contribute to continued refinement and development of internal and project processes within the department
• Execute current and develop new protocols for onboarding builders new to modular and high performance
• Create and manage scope of work materials to best facilitate pricing for the manufacturer and general contractor

• Be relied upon to present directly to clients and builders on technical and construction solutions
• With Project Pilot, manage communications and documentation that pertain to factory and on-site construction phases for the project
• Write reports, capture notes from builder, factory and client meetings, and provide updates and correspondence as projects require
• Establish and maintain schedule for working with individual project pilots and architectural designers, to ensure all material specifications are correct and up to date for all active projects
• Inform clients of available services beyond the scope of agreement and communicate with clients when requests exceed the scope of agreement
• Address periodic questions, provide tutorials, and guide the processes of less experienced team members

Technical Ability:
• Perform factory and construction site visits to review construction quality, detailing, and timeline
• Review project documents to ensure alignment with clients’ and general contractor’s expectations for project specs and budget goals
• Apply established and current principles of high-performance construction to means and methods of BBH assemblies

• Work in a collaborative team structure with other members of each project team, on individual single-family and multi-unit single-family residential projects, and big picture company initiatives
• Bring a dedication to the company’s construction approach, with a core-belief in the logic and potential of modular construction

Industry Awareness:
• Strive to incorporate sustainable solutions throughout your work
• Have awareness of how BBH fits into the regional landscape of high performance building & off-site manufacturing options
• Participate and provide leadership in relevant industry groups
• Keep apprised of new technologies, systems, and materials, to continue to keep BrightBuilt at the forefront of high-performance techniques

• Participate in office culture
• Strive for professional and personal development

• Champion one or more internal initiative(s) that develop and expand on the construction liaison process, and teach others how to use and leverage them, as the team grows
• Contribute to advancing the skills of others
• Assist in the hiring and training of new construction liaisons

Compensation, Timing, and (Excellent!) Benefits:
Anticipated salary range for this role is commensurate with experience and job rubrics, with potential base salary starting at $61,550 for a total compensation package starting at $73,300.

This offer includes 3 weeks of paid vacation / personal / sick time annually. Our benefits package also includes 100% medical coverage on Health Insurance and 100% coverage on Disability Insurance. Additionally, BrightBuilt Home offers a 401K benefit plan that allows you to save for retirement. With this plan, BrightBuilt Home will match your contributions up to 4% of your salary. There is no waiting period to receive this benefit; you are eligible to join the 401K plan upon hire. Salary and all benefits will be prorated based on the number of days worked per week. We value your time and a healthy work-life balance. We observe a 40- hour work week, and time spent on project work beyond your weekly obligation is reimbursed as comp time.
We also offer 10 paid holidays, including 3 paid floating holidays. A commuting stipend of $60/mo. will be provided, and may be either spent towards a parking space, bus pass, or kept by you if an alternate form of transportation is used. Bonuses are distributed in accordance with hours worked and success of the office.
Annually, every employee has the opportunity to spend up to $500 and two days pursuing professional development, which might include attending a conference, taking a class, or participating in another approved activity. We also offer one paid Community Day with the entire office and up to 24 matched hours over the year for any a Community Service project you would like to pursue.

BrightBuilt Home maintains an open, collaborative team approach and a collegial studio atmosphere in a fast- paced environment. We believe deeply in working to reverse climate change, and strive to practice what we preach. We enjoy company happy hours, birthday lunches, and occasional bowling parties, as well as a dedicated Slack channel for sharing photos of your canine companion. As if that’s not enough, let’s just say that after hours, we aren’t afraid to push up our sleeves and turn the conference room table into a ping pong court.

If you’re interested in joining a team of energetic thinkers, designers, innovators, and doers who want to change the world, and you have some thoughts on what you could bring to the table, we’d love to sit down with you.

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