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An Appeal on Behalf of NESEA

by Marc Rosenbaum

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

To the NESEA community:

When I was 25, I quit my job and built myself a house. I wanted it to be renewably-powered, and I learned a new term - superinsulation -  that I wanted to incorporate. I’d had a good engineering education, but had never built so much as a dog house. I needed to learn a lot, fast, and read everything I could find. I quickly realized I needed to connect with others thinking about the same stuff, and with more experience.

In early 1979, I attended the Second Annual Conference on Energy-Conserving Solar-Heated Greenhouses, sponsored by the New England Solar Energy Association (yup, that’s the original name behind the acronym). I got so much more than information - I found a community. A community of rigorous thinkers whose vision of their work in the world has an unshakeable ethical core. A group of applied practitioners who are transparently honest about both successes and failures.

The NESEA connection I made almost 40 years ago has been the backbone of my practice as we have learned and practiced together. At that conference, I met my tribe.

Some of my closest friends are NESEA colleagues from those early days. But the most exciting thing is the new, young friends I’m making, every year - smarter than us oldsters in a lot of ways, but with the same commitment and the same amused humility (not taking ourselves too seriously!)

NESEA is stronger than it has ever been - a terrific staff, a significant broadening of programs, a robust strategic plan. I’ve used this organization hard, but it comes back stronger. NESEA needs to thrive so the next generation of practitioners can use it just as hard. And we need all of your help. No other organization begins to offer what NESEA offers; it’s time to put our beloved NESEA on a firmer financial footing.

The Capacity Campaign will enable NESEA to increase our reach and impact. It will allow us to take risks as we continue to innovate and diversify our offerings, supporting (and expanding) our membership. It will free our talented staff to focus on programs without counting pennies and to act on unexpected opportunities. It will help us follow through on the thoughtfully developed goals of the strategic plan and provide increased access to all those who can benefit from our work and content. Please think of this as an investment - in yourself, in your professional community, present and future, in the promise of a post-carbon tomorrow - and open your wallet as I am doing to ensure another 40 years of the essential magic that is NESEA.


Marc Rosenbaum
NESEA Lifetime Member

P.S. - Because NESEA is a 501c3 organization, your gift is fully deductible as allowed by law.



Our Mission

NESEA advances sustainability practices in the built environment by cultivating a cross-disciplinary community where practitioners are encouraged to share, collaborate and learn.

Old building geek.

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BE Boston 19 RegistrantsBE Boston 20 RegistrantsBE Boston 21 RegistrantsBE Boston 22 RegistrantsBE Boston 23 RegistrantsBuildingEnergy 16 Full ConferenceMemberWebform Results Access

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