BuildingEnergy Boston 2016
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Whole Property Retrofit: Redesigning Suburbia for an Uncertain Energy & Food Future Lisa Fernandes Remodeling/Deep Energy Retrofits, Single Family, Resiliency PDF icon PDF (9.45 MB)
When You Come to a Fork, Take It. Residential Choices and Performance Chris Briley, Jesse Selman, Kent Hicks Architecture/Design, Envelope & Enclosure, Passive House, Single Family PDF icon PDF (9.1 MB), PDF icon PDF (15.2 MB)
When Does Smaller Scale Cogeneration Make Sense? Greg Hester, Matthew Dudley, Thomas Jacobsen, Chris Lotspeich CHP, Cogeneration PDF icon PDF (4.35 MB)
What Contractors Need to Know About Spray Foam Henri Fennell, Kerry Koskinen Foam, Envelope & Enclosure PDF icon PDF (950.29 KB)
The Value of R-Value and NPV of PV: Selling High Performance Homes in an Indifferent Market Craig Foley, Jeff Gephart, Ben Hoen, Carolyn Sarno Goldthwaite, Melanie Head, Brad Hevenor Real Estate, Remodeling/Deep Energy Retrofits, Single Family, Photovoltaics, Finance PDF icon PDF (4.25 MB)
The True Performance of Your Hidden HVAC Equipment Mary Jane Poynter, Margo Valdes, Matt Root, Ethan Bellavance Mechanical Systems, HVAC PDF icon PDF (3.54 MB)
The Lighting Consumer's Conundrum Taylor Jantz-Sell, Jim Yorgey, Fred Davis LED Lighting PDF icon PDF (594.99 KB), PDF icon PDF (1.09 MB), PDF icon PDF (2.51 MB)
The Future of Net Zero Energy Brad Liljequist Living Building Challenge, Net Zero Energy, Cities & Communities, Public Policy PDF icon PDF (11.44 MB)
The Elephant in the Room: How to Affordably Increase the Energy Efficiency of Our Existing Housing Stock Brice Hereford, Sean Jeffords, David Joyce, Bill Womeldorf Energy Efficiency, Remodeling/Deep Energy Retrofits PDF icon PDF (10.98 MB)
The Challenges of Net Zero Energy When It's Bigger than a Breadbox Jana Silsby, Robert Diemer Commercial & Institutional, Net Zero Energy PDF icon PDF (431.74 KB)