Donald Watson, The 2015 Professional Leadership Award Recipient

Donald Watson

The 2015 Professional Leadership Award

Presented to

Donald Watson


Architect, author, teacher, lecturer, passive solar pioneer: your foresight, innovative thinking, and path-breaking work have led the way in the pursuit of sound environmental design for more than forty years. You started when the design profession was in orbit beyond Pluto, at least when it came to design that was driven by a consciousness of natural systems. Now, due in large part to your seminal efforts, the profession orbits much closer to the sun. Perhaps one of your greatest contributions was to get architects tuned-in and turned-on to understanding data driven design processes via the bio-climatic chart. Few people appreciate what it took to get the architectural mindset coupled with these sensitivities.


Mentor and advocate for your colleagues, NESEA is proud to call you one of her own.


March 4, 2015