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BuildingEnergy is the most established and most cross-disciplinary renewable energy and high performance building conference in the region. Organized by members of the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA), BuildingEnergy attracts more than 3000 building professionals with its cutting edge, vetted content and open, honest discussion of successes and failures. The conferences accredited educational sessions are rigorous, the high level trade show is engaging, and the three days of networking leads to new colleagues and life-long friendships.

Please use the filters below to find the past conference slide deck you are looking for. If you cannot find any from that conference, we may not have posted the presentations from that event yet. If you can find other presentations from that conference, the presentation you are looking for may not have been authorized for release on the NESEA website. Please contact the BuildingEnergy speaker coordinator for more information on conference presenations.

BuildingEnergy 15
Session Title Session Slides
Putting Attention Where it is Needed Most - Building Resiliency in Multi-family Affordable Housing Alex Wilson, Jim Newman
Dematerialization Applied Mark Loeffler, Howard J. Brown
How to Heat Water in All-Electric Homes and Apartments Robb Aldrich
Sensible Solutions to Latent Problems: Managing Humidity in High Performance Homes David White, Aubrey Gewehr
Close the Windows! Changing Occupant behavior with Heat Pumps and Individual Metering Steven Bluestone
Reinventing the Water Grid Part I: Science, Behavior & Dollars Curt Spalding, Abraham Noe-Hays, Kim Nace, Ken Mirvis, Nadav Malin, Robert Leaver
Is it All Hot Air: Ventilating Homes, Why? How Much? and How? Robb Aldrich, Paul Francisco
Reinventing the Water Grid Part II: Nutrient Recycling and Other Opportunities for Fun & Profit Curt Spalding, Abraham Noe-Hays, Kim Nace, Ken Mirvis, Nadav Malin, Robert Leaver
Super Insulated Walls and Moisture: Does Bad Stuff Happen? Kohta Ueno, Chris Corson
Renewable Energy Powering Local Self-Reliance: Case Studies from Germany Andrew Dey
LEDing the Lighting Revolution Part 2: Advanced Strategies both Efficient and Smart Fred Davis, George Woodbury, Brian Chemel
Getting to Zero: High Performance Mechanical Systems and Other Strategies for Commercial Buildings in Cold Climates Kathleen Smith, Charley Stevenson, John Swift, Robert Diemer
A Place in the Sun: Why We (Still) Need Solar Optimized Design Rachel Wagner
Responding to the Buckminster Fuller Challenge John Todd, Ryan Chin, Greg Watson
Recent Research in Behavior: Boosting Energy Performance in Buildings Susan Mazur-Stommen
Islands of Power – Microgrids Enabling Technology for Energy Resiliency Henry Misas, Amy Mcguire, Andrea Ranger
Enlightened Structures: Reducing Material-Based Carbon Emissions Jim D'Aloisio, Mark Webster, Russ Miller-Johnson, Kara Peterman
Balancing Historic Preservation and Energy Performance Ben Haavik, Colleen Chapin
H2-Uh-Oh: Moisture Risks and How to Manage Them Terry Brennan
Applying Passive House Principles to 160 Units of Affordable Housing - Lessons Learned Hank Keating, James Petersen, Lauren Baumann
Multifamily Ventilation 302 Marc Zuluaga, Thomas Holmes
Solar Air Heating 2.0 Mick Dunn
Beyond Utility Bills: Energy Data Collection Toby Ast, Julie Klump, John Snell
Design/Build and Integrated Project Management 101 - Are you ready? Adam Cohen
Building Science Puzzles Peter Yost
Community Energy Footprints: Taking Residential Efficiency to Scale Henry MacLean, Keith Burrows, J.B. Clancy, Brian Butler
LEDing the Lighting Revolution Part 1: How Many Light Bulbs Will it Take? Fred Davis, Taylor Jantz-Sell, Jim Gaines
Minisplit Heat Pumps: Lessons from the Field Marc Rosenbaum, Kohta Ueno
It Takes A City: Lessons from Somerville's Residential Energy Efficiency Program Brian Bowen, Russell Koty, Craig Foley, William Stack, Harrison Grubbs
Making the Financial Case for Net Zero Buildings Bill Maclay, Andrew Shapiro, Laura Bailey, Craig Simmons
Urban Food Production, Distribution and Energy Recovery George Mokray, Rebecca Rahmlow, Viraj Puri
BuildingEnergy NYC 2015
Session Title Session Slides
Microgrid Solutions: From Building to Region Randolph Horner, Chris Lotspeich, Micah Kotch
Solar in the City Anthony Pereira, Lucie Dupas, Thomas Thompson, Amelia Amon
Show Me the Money: If You Can't Pay for It, You Can't Do It Posie Constable, Doug Lawrence, Elizabeth Derry
Airsealing and Firestopping: Smart Science Margo Valdes, Andrew D'Agostino, Grant Salmon
Water: Life Blood of Our Infrastructure Warren Liebold, Eric A. Goldstein, F.L. Andrew Padian
Transportation Infrastructure: Where We Are, How We Must Change Charles Komanoff, Projjal Dutta
Cities: How are Our Neighbors Doing? Bradford Tito, Kate Lawrence, Richard Freeh, Melissa Wright
Moving Iconic Buildings into the 21st Century Richard Bottali, Rebecca Marshall, Karen Timko, Ozgem Ornektekin
Making Money by Saving Energy Jon Hettinger, Adam Early, David Pospisil
Innovation Drives Operations Dave Jones, Betty Watson, Lewis M. Kwit
Living on the Edge: Resiliency, Energy, and Affordability Mark Ginsberg, Rick Gropper, Laurie Schoeman
We the People...In Multifamily Buildings! Bomee Jung, Heather Nolen, Marat Olfir, MaryAnn Sorensen Allacci
Old Tools, New Tricks: Creative Solutions for Common Energy Problems Barry Stephens, Mark Pando, F.L. Andrew Padian, Thomas Holmes, Daniel Rieber, Henry Gifford, Tom Sahagian
Lighting = Cash + Code Crissy Haley, Floris Keverling Buisman, Keith Schafer
BuildingEnergy NYC 2014
Session Title Session Slides
Building Net Zero Homes: Lessons Learned Anthony Aebi, Grayson Jordan, Pasquale Strocchia
Solar Thermal Now: Clean Comfort, Return on Investment Henry Vandermark, Douglas Falkenburg, Jessica Baldwin
Commercial Buildings as Virtual Power Plants H.G. Chissell, Evan Berger, Jim McDonald, Bill Radvak
Solar in the City Laurence Mackler, Ilze Greene, Mark Prommel
Portfolio Analysis. How to look at O&M in a whole new way, with big savings potential Samantha Schoenberger, John Braman
Doin' It Well -- Retrofits, that is Daniel Rieber, David Davenport, Marc Zuluaga
Leverage your Retrofit. Everything your auditor told you and more Erica Brabon, Asit Patel
Pushing the Envelope- Passive House and Living Buildings right here in NYC Chris Benedict, Casey Cullen
Commercial Office Buildings: How to Increase Your Building's Potential Jonathan Flaherty, David Pospisil, Andrew Cooke, Eric Toback
Hotels: What Label Fits and How to Achieve It Lauren Brust, Jessica Cooper, Hervé Houdré, Chuck Wahlen
Integrated Energy Efficiency Policies in Three Leading Northeastern Cities Laurie Kerr, John Lee, Alex Dews, Bradford Swing
Healthcare: How to Create the Healthiest Buildings Saverio Grosso, Joe Lorino, Nat DiDonato, Tamar Chicavich
Multifamily Ventilation 302 Thomas Holmes, Davidge Warfield
Higher Education: What You Can Learn Jenna Tatum, John Bradley, Tom Goldsmith, Brian Smyser
LEDs and Beyond: The Best and Brightest Mark Loeffler, Pat Sapinsley, Richard Yancey, Dan Rogers
Small Commercial Retrofits: Utility and Public Rachel Seraspe, Genevieve Sherman
How to Build a Passive House: the building science, real-world implementation and occupancy Adam Romano, Cramer Silkworth, Kevin Brennan
Rebuilding Neighborhoods After Sandy Steven Bluestone, Katrin Klingenberg, Walter Meyer, Mark Ginsberg

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