Information for Businesses

Affordable Financing for your Customers

Businesses that provide clean energy services and products can help their customers access affordable financing by referring them to the VGreen loan program. VSECU will handle the loan process, details, and servicing. They will provide your customers with quality, professional financial solutions, so that you can spend your time concentrating on your business. Additionally, VSECU has an easy-to-understand brochure that will help you explain VGreen loan and deposit products to your customers. To learn about the VGreen products and services available to your customers, go here and scroll down to Loans and Accounts. To learn more information about how the VGreen program can benefit your business, go here.

Customer Eligibility

Access to the VGreen loan program is open to all VSECU credit union members. Your customers are eligible to open a VSECU member account if they meet one of the criteria below.

  •  Customer is a current member of NESEA

  •  Customer is an employee of a current NESEA business member company

  •  Customer lives or works in Vermont

  •  Customer is related to a VSECU member

If your customers do not live or work in Vermont and are not related to a VSECU member, they can become eligible for VSECU membership and can access the VGreen program by becoming a NESEA member. For information on NESEA membership, go here.  

Underwriting NESEA Memberships for your Customers

Some businesses have opted to underwrite the cost of NESEA membership for their customers in order to grant them access to these loans. Below are two options for underwriting NESEA memberships for customers.

Option 1. Custom Portal: NESEA can provide a customized portal that allows your customers to become NESEA members with no upfront cost. At the end of each month, NESEA will invoice your company for the memberships purchased by your customers. This option is available for NESEA Industry Leader level business members. For more information on the custom portal and Industry Leader membership, contact Katie Schendel,

Option 2. Rebate System: Your company can set up a rebate system for your customers, whereby your customer purchases a NESEA membership, submits the receipt to you, and is reimbursed by your business directly.

Employee Benefit for NESEA Business Members

Your employees have access to the VGreen program through your NESEA business membership. Employees of NESEA business members should contact Katie Schendel, NESEA Membership Manager,, to ensure they are associated with the company's record in our system. To learn how your employees can apply for VGreen loans, go here.


If you have any questions about the NESEA/VSECU partnership, please contact Katie Schendel, NESEA Membership Manager,

If you have any questions about the VGreen loan program and application process, please email the VGreen team.


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