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Jan 04, 2016 by Chris Lotspeich

Stamford is the second largest and fastest growing city in Connecticut.  Over the last decade the City has been steadily expanding a series of innovative initiatives at the intersection of economic development, sustainability and resilience.  The City was a first mover in creating an Energy Improvement District (EID) with the ability to make investments in distributed energy resources and infrastructure city-wide.  Stamford’s 2030 District is among a few public/private partnerships in designated urban areas across North America committed to reducing energy use, water use, and transport emissions from buildings.  The City is using an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) that is developing a microgrid at its Government Center and making resilience enhancements to emergency...

Jan 04, 2016 by Jim Newman

Community Assessment of Freeway Exposure and Health (CAFEH)

Even the name of the project says enough to get your attention. The goal of this project, run out of the Tufts School of Public Health and the Tufts University Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, with important help from the Somerville Transportation Equity Partnership and the Chinese Progressive Association is to help people be healthier... especially in the face of pollution loads from roads and vehicles. 

We know that living near a freeway can be detrimental to human health. We also know that a large percentage of poorer and more vulnerable families live or learn very close to freeways. This work aims to help our most vulnerable people living and playing near freeway pollution.


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OK, I asked Kevin to write that just so there was someplace to stick this link to a document I created while working on this session - I mean making sausage - with my goofball friends.

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