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you help do the future right

NESEA is the region’s leading membership organization promoting sustainable energy practices in the built environment. Our work—your work—is vital. NESEA helps do the future, and do it right. In the United States, the building sector accounts for nearly half of all energy consumption. It also produces nearly half of all greenhouse gas emissions, making it the largest single contributor to climate change. To shape the built environment is to shape the future not only of our cities and towns, but also of our planet.

you join a vibrant community

Our overarching goal is to create the infrastructure for multidisciplinary collaboration. We are architects, engineers, educators, builders, energy consultants, manufacturers, installers, facilities managers, planners, students, and others focused on a sustainable built environment. The only way forward is together, and our community of professionals is our most valuable asset.

“I know who I am through this organization more than I do through the AIA. I met all of my business partners, all of my professional consultant cohorts. We trust in each other and know each other through the shared value system of this organization.”

— Lifetime Member Bruce Coldham, Coldham & Hartman Architects

you say good-bye to greenwashing

Anything that smacks of greenwashing gets called out fast around here. We’re committed to practical solutions and proven results, as evidenced by programs like our BuildingEnergy conferences, and by our Zero Net Energy Building Award.

you build your business and your career

We like to say that sustainability is not a dream, it’s a business. Our network of professionals yields leads, clients, jobs, mentors, and lifelong collaborations. To quote just one member, Andy Padian of The Community Preservation Corporation, “Why am I involved with NESEA? Simple. Because I get business out of NESEA!”

Join us.

You’ll be glad you did. We look forward to welcoming you into our growing community.

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NESEA is vital

John Abrams, Lifetime Member, South Mountain Company

“NESEA changed my life. I’m not saying that just for effect. It’s true. And there are many others just like me who have, through NESEA, learned continuously and formed long-term relationships that have supported our work and careers. And yes, changed our lives!

I have been involved with NESEA for more than 30 years, but it has never seemed more vital than it is today.”
– John Abrams, Lifetime Member