Commercial Solar Sales Consultant


ReVision Energy


North Andover, MA


ReVision Energy was founded in 2003 by two solar geeks in a garage and has grown to over 300 employee-owners spread across our physical locations in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Our offerings of products have grown to include solar panels, battery backup systems, electric vehicle infrastructure, heat pumps, and water heating equipment.  

As a 100% employee-owned company and a Certified B Corp, ReVision Energy is on a mission to lead our community in solving the environmental problems caused by fossil fuels while alleviating economic and social injustice.  

ReVision Energy is an equal opportunity employer dedicated to creating an inclusive culture where employees from diverse backgrounds can thrive and support our mission. Our recruitment team looks at the whole picture;  personal, professional, and non-traditional experience, as well as community involvement. 

The safety, health, and well-being of our co-owners and our communities is of primary importance. We have implemented additional measures to assure that those we work and share spaces with adhere to COVID and general safety best practices.   



The CSSC will promote ReVision Energy’s mission of reducing fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions using a consistent and authentic message that instills brand awareness. The CSSC  will originate and develop buildable, profitable solar and energy projects in Massachusetts.  The CSSC will advise and assist business owners and community leaders (nonprofits, schools, municipalities) through the renewable energy system development and investment process.  By establishing, building, and maintaining relationships with existing and new clients, the CSSC will cultivate ReVision Energy’s mission and vision while leading clients toward an investment that will achieve a positive economic and environmental return on investment.

Roles and Responsibilities (include but are not limited to):

Primary responsibility for building and maintaining long term relationships with thought leaders, local community groups, schools, business leaders, municipalities, and non-profits
Responsible for all aspects of the sales process including CRM management, lead generation, site evaluations, financing, development of cash flow analyses and proposals, negotiating business terms, managing customers’ goals, and moving a project to contract
Knowledgeable about the complex renewable energy, electric vehicle and storage markets in Massachusetts including tariffs surrounding interconnection and incentive programs 
Evaluate client’s renewable energy goals and provide a comprehensive solution, providing our clients with a fantastic energy transition experience  
Work directly with Estimating/Engineering team, the Finance & Development department, and Sales Director to develop renewable energy projects
Generating new leads as well as enthusiasm for renewable energy in the community
Contribute to advocacy efforts to educate the public, regulators and lawmakers about the myriad benefits of clean energy and support efforts to promote productive policies


Strong knowledge of the solar industry
Highly organized & have ability to multi-task and set priorities
Strong background in relationship building and business development
Ability to understand financing, return on investment, depreciation and incentives for renewable energy investments
Strong involvement in the community
Strong competence with Computer including Excel, Word, e mail and web based applications
Ability to grasp clients’ goals and budget
Excellent teamwork skills – ability to foster a positive team environment
Effectively coordinate and communicate with others (customers and co workers)
Ability to succeed in a fast paced, community environment
Efficiency – able to produce significant output with minimal waste 
Teamwork – reaches out to peers and cooperates with managers to establish collaborative working relationships 
High Standards – expects personal performance to be nothing short of the best 
Flexibility – adjusts quickly to changing priorities and conditions. 
Proactivity – acts without being told what to do. Brings new ideas to the process and procedures 
Clean driving record

Critical Skills/Expectations:

1. Safety. In any situation where you feel unsafe or uncomfortable with any aspect of the potential risks of a ReVision Energy work assignment, you are expected to immediately stop what you are doing and request assistance. ReVision Energy’s installers, project specialists and trainees are responsible for the overall safety of operations. This includes activity in the workshop, driving to and from jobsites and at the jobsites themselves. Our work on rooftops, electrical systems and plumbing systems poses inherent risks to employees, customers and in some cases, passersby. It is every employee’s responsibility to anticipate these risks and take the necessary precautions to avoid injury. During solar site evaluations you are expected to always prioritize your personal safety when setting ladders and climbing on rooftops. DO NOT CLIMB ANY LADDER OR ROOF IF YOU FEEL UNSAFE!

2. First-class customer service. As an on-site representative of ReVision Energy, you are trusted to uphold the professional and positive image of our company. This means always being courteous, even when the customer is being difficult. Your appearance should be as clean and neat as possible given the nature of our projects. You are expected to contact the customer and/or a supervisor to notify an unexpected delay in scheduled activity. Your worksite is safe, neat and organized to the best of your ability during a job.

3. Workmanship. The quality of your workmanship will greatly determine the level of your success at ReVision Energy. You are responsible for the quality of your work as well being a positive member of the sales team. Our company goal is to provide the highest quality installations and service to every customer.

4. Knowledge & Training. ReVision Energy aspires to have all employees become professional experts in the renewable energy industry. When time and financial resources permit, the Company will offer to pay for training and certification courses. ReVision Energy expects employees to actively seek to further their own knowledge about renewable energy through our in-house training activities; industry publications (supplied by ReVision Energy), the internet, peer networking and any other avenue that helps expand our collective knowledge about renewable energy.

Required Licenses or Additional Qualifications:

Clean driving record

Accessibility: If you need an accommodation as part of the employment process please contact Human Resources at