BuildingEnergy NYC 2022 RFP (Now Closed)


Call for Proposals (closed)
March 30–April 25
Review Period
April 29-May 31
Notification of Status
Early June 2022

Request for Proposals (closed)

BuildingEnergy NYC will take place as in-person conference on September 15, 2022. The deadline to submit your conference session proposal was Monday, April 25.

The theme of the 2022 conference is Bridging the Gap. Those of us who work in building energy and sustainability are intensely aware of the gaps between where we stand now and where we need to be, as a sector and as a society. There are gaps in technology, in skills, in financing, in equity, and in many other areas.

For this year’s BuildingEnergy NYC conference, we are seeking sessions that directly address those gaps. In particular, we are looking for sessions on these topics:

  • The Skill Gap: As our sector undertakes increasingly urgent and aggressive strategies to move away from fossil fuels, how can we prepare a workforce that is equipped for the challenges ahead? How can we retrain existing professionals to succeed within new and changing frameworks?
  • The Technology Gap: From heat pumps to energy storage, what are the most effective technologies on the market, and how can we deploy them most effectively? How can we ensure that new systems are sized and implemented to maximize efficiency, while accounting for both operational and embodied carbon?
  • The Finance Gap: What financing resources are available to make decarbonization possible and affordable? From boardrooms to lenders to government agencies, where do we need to educate the necessary stakeholders in order to take advantage of those resources?
  • The Equity Gap: How can we ensure that our work empowers owners, occupants, operators, and building professionals from marginalized groups? What do solutions look like that result in greater equity and broader ownership alongside energy savings?

If you would like to work on your proposal as a team before submitting, this planning sheet contains a list of the fields you will be asked to complete after you are logged in to your account.

About the Review Process

Proposals will be reviewed and vetted by a volunteer committee of NESEA members to ensure that conference sessions are data-driven, diverse, and genuinely useful to attendees. Successful proposals:

  • Feature sustainable and high-performance building practices, solutions, or governance.
  • Present innovative material and ideas.
  • Have rich data to support claims.
  • Avoid focusing on specific, proprietary products or services.
  • Describe learning from mistakes as well as from successes.
  • Are designed to actively engage attendees in dialogue.
  • Include diverse speakers and panelists.
  • Are comprehensive and complete upon submission.

You must log in or create a NESEA account to create a proposal (membership is not required). This allows you to save your proposal as a draft and come back to work on it as often as you like before submitting. NESEA does not provide compensation or reimburse expenses for speakers.

Questions? Speaker suggestions? Want to talk over a proposal idea before submitting? Contact Ben Sachs-Hamilton, Conference Manager, at