K-12 Education

Our K-12 education programs live on

In 2011, we discontinued our excellent K-12 Education Department. For many years, we struggled with how to effectively integrate the K-12 programs and their attendees into the rest of what NESEA does. In addition, we discovered that much of the work the department did was being done elsewhere. Indeed, most of the Northeast states followed our early lead in teacher training and launched statewide energy-efficiency education programs. In the end, we decided to drop K-12, thereby freeing up resources to do more of what we do best: provide sustainability professionals with the infrastructure for collaboration.

The good news is that our old K-12 curricular units, lessons, and resources are still available.

Where to find K-12 materials

NESEA K-12 curricular units and lessons

Lesson plans and interdisciplinary units that address state and national academic standards using topics of renewable energy, alternative fuels, and personal energy choices are available for free download at EnergyTeachers.org.

Energy Thinking for Massachusetts and Solar Sense

Workshop materials are available at Hitchcock Center for the Environment in Amherst, MA.

Clean Energy for a Clean Environment

Program materials and the “Clean Green Power” and “Wind Wisdom” patches are available through the Girl Scouts of Central and Western Massachusetts.

Junior Solar Sprint

This program will continue to be facilitated at the local and state levels. The National Renewable Energy Lab has a listing of all state and area JSS coordinators, and also hosts JSS curriculum materials online.

Wind Wisdom for School Power … Naturally

The curricular units are at the websites of Heliotronics and Kid Wind.

X Prize

Our original Cars of Tomorrow curricular unit are at Fuel Our Future Now.

Wind Wisdom for School Power … Naturally

These curricular units are available for free download at SchoolPowerNaturally.org