Congrats Alteris – "Sun for Rent"

Hi Everyone:

Longtime NESEA member Alteris Renewables (formerly SolarWrights and Solar Works) recently announced that the company is installing SunRun‘s residential “Solar as a Service” in Massachusetts.

With this new game-changing program, upfront costs plummet from $30,000 to as little as $1,000 for customers to be able to install solar electric systems on their homes. Customers will enjoy savings from day one with locked-in rates for the next 18 years – a valuable protection from future electric rate increases. They can also make a good return on their initial investment.

By turning solar into a user-friendly household service like cable, SunRun and Alteris achieved incredible coverage this last Sunday in the Boston Globe – pitched by yours truly ;)

Called, “Sun for Rent,” this article was written by one of the top reporters in the field, Beth Daley.  In addition to dominating nearly the entire front page of the Money and Careers section, it was the most emailed Globe article the entire day.

It was a pleasure working with Alteris (particulary Ron French and Bill Kenzar) on this project.

Go Alteris!


  1. When’s this coming to Illinois?

  2. I couldn’t tell you. Alteris focuses on the Northeast. I’m looking forward to the service coming to Rhode Island.

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