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BuildingEnergy is the most established and most cross-disciplinary renewable energy and high performance building conference in the region. Organized by members of the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA), BuildingEnergy attracts diverse building and sustainability professionals with its cutting-edge, vetted content and open, honest discussion of successes and failures. The conferences' accredited educational sessions are rigorous, the high-level trade show is engaging, and the three days of networking lead to new colleagues and life-long friendships.

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BuildingEnergy Boston 2016
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Whole Property Retrofit: Redesigning Suburbia for an Uncertain Energy & Food Future Lisa Fernandes
When You Come to a Fork, Take It. Residential Choices and Performance Chris Briley, Jesse Selman, Kent Hicks
When Does Smaller Scale Cogeneration Make Sense? Greg Hester, Matthew Dudley, Thomas Jacobsen, Chris Lotspeich
What Contractors Need to Know About Spray Foam
Henri Fennell, Kerry Koskinen
The Value of R-Value and NPV of PV: Selling High Performance Homes in an Indifferent Market Craig Foley, Jeff Gephart, Ben Hoen, Carolyn Sarno Goldthwaite, Melanie Head, Brad Hevenor
The True Performance of Your Hidden HVAC Equipment Mary Jane Poynter, Margo Valdes, Matt Root, Ethan Bellavance
The Lighting Consumer's Conundrum
Taylor Jantz-Sell, Jim Yorgey, Fred Davis
The Future of Net Zero Energy
Brad Liljequist
The Elephant in the Room: How to Affordably Increase the Energy Efficiency of Our Existing Housing Stock
Brice Hereford, Sean Jeffords, David Joyce, Bill Womeldorf
The Challenges of Net Zero Energy When It's Bigger than a Breadbox
Jana Silsby, Robert Diemer
Success through Quality Management: Building a Stronger Company John Tooley
Sticky Business: The Truth About Tapes and What It Means for Your Enclosure
Peter Yost, Dave Gauthier
Room-side Low-e Coating: As Good as It Sounds? Alejandra Menchaca, Lynn Petermann, Vera Baranova
Roofs: Research and Reality
Kohta Ueno, Peter Marciano
Reimagining Human Waste as an Opportunity: Water Savings and Urine Reclamation Abraham Noe-Hays, Nadav Malin, William Strang
Passive House Deep Energy Retrofits: Revitalizing Masonry Multifamily and Single Family Wood Frame Buildings
Michael Hindle, Matthew Fine, Chris West
Passiv for the Masses Adam Cohen, Alan Gibson, Matthew O'Malia
On Eggshells: Residential Retrofits in Tricky Situations David Foley, Thomas RC Hartman
Offsite Construction: the Future? Geoffrey Warner, Tedd Benson, Bill Aylor, Bryan Huot, Phil Kaplan, Andrew Dey
Moving Beyond Faith Based Ventilation Terry Brennan, David White
Material Selections: A Life Cycle Perspective Viewed Through One Home Ben Morelli, Danny Veerkamp, Rheannon DeMond
Mainstreaming Resilience: Making Resilient Design Standard Practice Alex Wilson, Jim Newman
Lightning in a Bottle II: Energy Storage Applications, Business Models and Case Studies
Chris Lotspeich, Betty Watson, Evan Berger, Scott Daniels
Lightning in a Bottle I: Energy Storage Technologies and Markets
Todd Olinsky-Paul, Judith Judson, Kiran Kumaraswamy, Matthew Krivos
Is Net Zero Energy Net Zero Benefit?
Bill Maclay, Robert Somers
Integrated Design for High Performance Schools
Phil Kaplan, Bill Maclay, Andy Shapiro, Peter Warren, Megan Nedzinski
Huddle Together for Warmth: Multiple Solutions for Multifamily Passive House
Jesse Thompson, Michelle Apigian, Richard O'Dwyer
How We Sleep at Night - Energy Metrics and Decision Making in Residential Design
Ben Southworth, Marc Rosenbaum, Rachel Wagner, David White
Highways, Health, and Energy: From City Planning to Air Filtration Doug Brugge, Wig Zamore, Jim Newman
High-Performance Buildings are Not Enough: An Introduction to High-Performance Cities and the Next Step Robert Leaver, Gustaf Landahl, Susanne Rasmussen
Getting to Zero: User Engagement in Achieving Net Zero Energy Buildings Katherine Bubriski, Michael Black, Shannon Kaplan, Samuel Lasky
Foam-Free - Fabulous, Feasible, and Fun!
Michael Hindle, Carri Beer, Jacob Racusin
Does Electric Grid 2.0 Mean Energy Democracy? John Farrell
Developing the World's Biggest Passive House at Cornell Tech
Deborah Moelis, Lois Arena, Luke Falk, Arianna Sacks Rosenberg
Cradle to Grave: The Concealed Energy, Carbon and Water Impact of Buildings
Greg Norris, Stephanie Carlisle
Combating Climate Change with Timber Construction Yugon Kim, Whit Iglehart, Jean-Marc Dubois, Peggi L. Clouston
Closing Forum: A Community for the Ages Andrew Padian, Andrew Webster, Christina McPike, Caitriona Cooke, Kurt Teichert
Break It or Lose It: Thermal Bridging in Building Envelopes Andrea Love, Jeffrey Abramson
Biomass Design and Potential Mark Froling
Airtightness Testing in Large Buildings John Straube
Air Leakage: What You See is Not What You Get Hannah Durschlag
Aiming at Zero: The Struggle to Get There Jay Kahn, Amanda Forde, Yanel de Angel, Christopher Shumway, Stephen Messinger
Achieving Zero Net Energy Affordably Today: Mobile Home Replacement Peter Schneider, David Pill
A Prototype Visualization Tool for Hygrothermal Analysis Vamshi Gooje, Mathew Naugle
BuildingEnergy Boston
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Where We Went Right & Where We Went Left: Measured vs. Modeled Energy Performance James Ortega, Marc Rosenbaum
Unvented Roofs without Spray Foam: The Latest Building America Research Kohta Ueno
Thermal & Energy Analysis for Architects: Why, When, & How Lori Ferriss, Elaine Hoffman
The Risky Business of Integrative Pre-Design John Beeson
The Not-Quite-Edible House: Making Healthy Material Choices Brian Just, Jacob Racusin
The New Gravity: Climate Change and the Imperative of High-Performance Housing Tim McDonald
The Future City: An Integrated Ecosystem
Daniel Kelley, Robert Leaver, Cammy Peterson, Patrick Roche
The Drawbacks of Breathing: Nighttime Carbon Dioxide Levels in New England Bedrooms Brian Just
Smart Parking Design as a Climate Tool Lisa Chase, Daniel Ciarcia
Real Life Air Source Heat Pumps Bruce Harley
New Construction: Beyond Modeling to Real Data & Results Steve Bluestone, Ryan Merkin
KISS (Keep It Simple, Smartypants): A builder’s perspective on straightforward construction details for constructing a low-cost, high-performance home Stephen DeMetrick
Integrative Carbon Building: Embodied Carbon, Net Positive Carbon, and the New Carbon Architecture Chris Magwood, Ace McArleton, Jacob Racusin
How Energy Efficiency Creates Opportunities & Financing in Multifamily Housing Amy Brusiloff, Sadie McKeown, Lindsay Robbins, Karyn Sper
Escalating Excellence in Envelopes: Stories from Practice Jim D'Aloisio, Jodi Smits Anderson
Deploying Post-Disaster Renewables Fred Davis, Mike Henchen, Joseph Mangum
Building Inherent Value: Implementing the Passive House Building Standard Michelle Apigian, Jesper Kruse
Air Tightness Requirements of the Passive House Standard Mike O'Donnell, Scott Pusey
BuildingEnergy NYC 2016
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What Does It Cost to Achieve an Efficient Building?
Christopher Diamond, John Puma, Dana Schneider, David Pospisil
REV Roundtable: Program Design & Projects Breaking Ground
Greg Hale, Jamie Brennan, Vanessa Ulmer, Kelly Dougherty, Jon Nickerson
Passive House Financing: Strengthening the Bottom Line Sadie McKeown, Scott Short, Christopher Mahase
NYC's Ambitious New Energy Code - How Does It Stack Up?
Sean Brennan, Danielle Spiegel-Feld, Sebastian Moreno Vacca, Emily Hoffman, Sally Blair
NYC Public Buildings and Public Housing: Strategies, Programs, Successes, and Failures Michael Bobker, Tria Case, Bomee Jung, Ellen Zielinski
New Component Capabilities Help Deliver High-Performance Buildings Lynn Petermann, Todd Kimmel, Floris Buisman, Cindy Malinchak
Multifamily Passive House Construction: Process and Techniques Ryan Cassidy, Mario Procida, Lois Arena
LEED v4 in New York City Whitney Smith, Asa Foss, Paula Zimin, Susan Kaplan
How Smart are Buildings? Software Solutions for Improving the Bottom Line
David Sungarian, Dominique Lempereur, Joshua Clyburn, Paul Reale
Commercial Buildings Can Go Passive: New Build & Retrofit Examples
Stephen Lynch, Andrew Peel
Can We Future-Proof Our Historic Buildings? Passive House and Preservation Working Together
Michael Ingui, Kevin Brennan, Cramer Silkworth, Cory Herrala
Campus Management: It's a Mixed Bag of Strategies
Tom Goldsmith, Joe Lorino, Jennifer Kearney, Bill Broadhurst
Building Operations: The Front Line of Sustainability Compliance and Green Leadership Richard Yancey, Michael Davis, Peter Lampen, David Sachs
BuildingEnergy Boston 2017
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WELL, LEEDv4, and the Quest for Material Health Steven Burke, Blake Jackson, Lisa Goodwin Robbins
Using Whole Systems Thinking in High Performance Design: The New MacArthur Elementary School Calvin Ahn, Michael McGough, Edward McGraw
Using the Building Permitting Process to Accelerate Clean Energy
Rick Ames, Brian Butler, John Lojek, Mark Pignatelli, Peter Sun
Transforming Institutional Buildings for the Next 100 Years
Thomas RC Hartman, Jesse Selman
Three Vermont High-Performance Homes, Three Approaches Alex Carver, Tom LeBoeuf, Jean Terwilliger
The Key to the Castle: Who Has It and Do They Know Where the Lock is? Carolyn Sarno Goldthwaite, Ken Wertz
The Cannabis Cultivation Conundrum Fred Davis, Ian Gordon, John Morris
The AIA 2030 Commitment: Building Energy Literacy Stephanie Horowitz, Andrea Love, Dee Spiro
State of the Art: High-Performance Natural Building for Cold Climates Jacob Racusin, Ben Graham, Ace McArleton
Spending Through the Roof: Tall Building Energy Wasted Through Passive Vents Robin Neri, Jamie Kleinberg
Retrofitting Residential Properties Joshua Jacobs, David Kelman, Lourdes Lopez, Jason Taylor
Real World Data of Domestic Hot Water Consumption and Energy Neil Donnelly, Andy Proulx
Performance-Based Procurement: Infusing Your New Construction Contract with Energy Requirements Joseph Clair, Connor Jansen, Paul Torcellini
Next Generation Energy Efficiency
David Farnsworth, Paul Markowitz, Claire Miziolek, Danny Musher, Arah Schuur
New IAQ Metrics to Avoid Being Stupid, Sick, and Tired Ty Newell
Net Zero Water: Not a Dry Topic Christopher Nielson, Christopher Chamberland
Multifamily Passive Buildings: Evaluation of Measured Performance Katrin Klingenberg, James Ortega
Mind the Gaps: Post-Occupancy Discoveries from Design to Operation Patrick Murphy, Charles Stellberger
Lunch and Learn: Getting Better at Getting Better - Lean Thinking for Residential Construction Tedd Benson, Kevin Bittenbender, Andrew Dey
Lessons from Abroad: The Danish Way or the (Bicycle) Highway Isabel Kaubisch, Christina McPike, Susanne Rasmussen, Mette Søs Lassesen, Ellen Watts
Installing “Energy Smarts” for Your Multifamily Project: Providing Holistic Behavioral Energy Management Todd Rogers
Harnessing Energy Storage to Meet New England's Energy Challenges Will Lauwers, Galen Nelson, Todd Olinsky-Paul
Greening Affordable Housing: Driving Energy Efficiency, Clean Energy, and Health in Our Communities
Michael Davis, Deborah Nagin, Drew Vernalia
Getting to Yes: Winning and Making Your Next Project Net Zero, LBC, or . . .
Larry Jones, Bill Maclay, Megan Nedzinski, Charley Stevenson
Evolving Assemblies
Steven Baczek, Chris Briley, David Hall, Matthew O'Malia, Jesse Thompson
Data-Driven Design and the Living Building Challenge
Todd Holland, Christopher Nielson, Marc Rosenbaum
Buildings in the Age of Electric Vehicles Sean Anderson, Andy Hoskinson, Steve Russell
Building Partnerships to Increase Uptake of Residential Energy Efficiency Measures Dana Fischer, Paul Shepherd, Brooks Winner
Building Local, Buying Local: Advantages and Challenges of Sourcing Materials from New England Forests Sean Mahoney
Are You the Weakest Link? Resilient Design 101 Katie Courtney, Marcell Graeff
Air (vital stuff): Strategies for Getting It Into (and out of) Multifamily Buildings
Aubrey Gewehr, Steve Bluestone
BuildingEnergy NYC 2015
Session Titlesort ascending Session Slides
We the People...In Multifamily Buildings! Bomee Jung, Heather Nolen, Marat Olfir, MaryAnn Sorensen Allacci
Water: Life Blood of Our Infrastructure Warren Liebold, Eric Goldstein, Andrew Padian
Transportation Infrastructure: Where We Are, How We Must Change Charles Komanoff, Projjal Dutta
Solar in the City Anthony Pereira, Lucie Dupas, Thomas Thompson, Amelia Amon
Show Me the Money: If You Can't Pay for It, You Can't Do It
Posie Constable, Doug Lawrence, Elizabeth Kelly
Old Tools, New Tricks: Creative Solutions for Common Energy Problems
Barry Stephens, Mark Pando, Andrew Padian, Thomas Holmes, Daniel Rieber, Henry Gifford, Tom Sahagian
Moving Iconic Buildings into the 21st Century Richard Bottali, Rebecca Marshall, Karen Timko, Ozgem Ornektekin
Microgrid Solutions: From Building to Region Randolph Horner, Chris Lotspeich, Micah Kotch
Making Money by Saving Energy Jon Hettinger, Adam Early, David Pospisil
Living on the Edge: Resiliency, Energy, and Affordability Mark Ginsberg, Rick Gropper, Laurie Schoeman
Lighting = Cash + Code
Crissy Haley, Floris Buisman, Keith Schafer
Innovation Drives Operations Dave Jones, Betty Watson, Lewis Kwit
Cities: How are Our Neighbors Doing?
Bradford Tito, Kate Lawrence, Richard Freeh, Melissa Wright
Airsealing and Firestopping: Smart Science Margo Valdes, Andrew D'Agostino, Grant Salmon
BuildingEnergy Boston 2015
Session Titlesort ascending Session Slides
Urban Food Production, Distribution and Energy Recovery George Mokray, Rebecca Rahmlow, Viraj Puri
Super Insulated Walls and Moisture: Does Bad Stuff Happen? Kohta Ueno, Chris Corson
Solar Air Heating 2.0 Mick Dunn
Sensible Solutions to Latent Problems: Managing Humidity in High Performance Homes
David White, Aubrey Gewehr
Responding to the Buckminster Fuller Challenge John Todd, Ryan Chin, Greg Watson
Renewable Energy Powering Local Self-Reliance: Case Studies from Germany Andrew Dey
Reinventing the Water Grid Part II: Nutrient Recycling and Other Opportunities for Fun & Profit
Curt Spalding, Abraham Noe-Hays, Kim Nace, Ken Mirvis, Nadav Malin, Robert Leaver
Reinventing the Water Grid Part I: Science, Behavior & Dollars
Curt Spalding, Abraham Noe-Hays, Kim Nace, Ken Mirvis, Nadav Malin, Robert Leaver
Recent Research in Behavior: Boosting Energy Performance in Buildings Susan Mazur-Stommen
Putting Attention Where it is Needed Most - Building Resiliency in Multi-family Affordable Housing Alex Wilson, Jim Newman
Multifamily Ventilation 302 Marc Zuluaga, Thomas Holmes
Minisplit Heat Pumps: Lessons from the Field Marc Rosenbaum, Kohta Ueno
Making the Financial Case for Net Zero Buildings
Bill Maclay, Andy Shapiro, Laura Bailey, Craig Simmons
LEDing the Lighting Revolution Part 2: Advanced Strategies both Efficient and Smart George Woodbury, Brian Chemel
LEDing the Lighting Revolution Part 1: How Many Light Bulbs Will it Take? Taylor Jantz-Sell, Jim Gaines
It Takes A City: Lessons from Somerville's Residential Energy Efficiency Program Brian Bowen, Russell Koty, Craig Foley, William Stack, Harrison Grubbs
Islands of Power – Microgrids Enabling Technology for Energy Resiliency Henry Misas, Amy Mcguire, Andrea Ranger
Is it All Hot Air: Ventilating Homes, Why? How Much? and How? Robb Aldrich, Paul Francisco
How to Heat Water in All-Electric Homes and Apartments Robb Aldrich
H2-Uh-Oh: Moisture Risks and How to Manage Them
Terry Brennan
Getting to Zero: High Performance Mechanical Systems and Other Strategies for Commercial Buildings in Cold Climates
Kathleen Smith, Charley Stevenson, John Swift, Robert Diemer
Enlightened Structures: Reducing Material-Based Carbon Emissions
Jim D'Aloisio, Mark Webster, Russ Miller-Johnson, Kara Peterman
Design/Build and Integrated Project Management 101 - Are you ready?
Adam Cohen
Dematerialization Applied Mark Loeffler, IALD, LEED Fellow, Howard Brown
Community Energy Footprints: Taking Residential Efficiency to Scale Henry MacLean, Keith Burrows, J.B. Clancy
Close the Windows! Changing Occupant behavior with Heat Pumps and Individual Metering Steve Bluestone
Building Science Puzzles
Peter Yost
Beyond Utility Bills: Energy Data Collection Toby Ast, Julie Klump, John Snell
Balancing Historic Preservation and Energy Performance Ben Haavik, Colleen Chapin
Applying Passive House Principles to 160 Units of Affordable Housing - Lessons Learned Hank Keating, James Petersen, Lauren Baumann
A Place in the Sun: Why We (Still) Need Solar Optimized Design Rachel Wagner
BuildingEnergy NYC 2017
Session Titlesort ascending Session Slides
Transforming Affordable Housing: Mid-Rise Passive House Retrofits with Residents in Place Chris Benedict, David Newman, Scott Short, Justin R. Milliet R. Taylor
The Next Step in Benchmarking: Building Analytics, Big Data and Improved Efficiencies Nancy Anderson, Sarah Newman, Barun Singh, Richard Yancey
The Next Frontier: Tenant Engagement in Commercial Buildings Dan Egan, Gary Fescine, Patrick Love, Paul Rode
The Smart Money is on Smart Buildings David Davenport, David Unger, Peter Wilson
Solving the Problem of Ventilation Reinaldo Gutiérrez, Manalee Nabar, Aleksandr Yelizarov
Solar + Storage, Microgrid BeaUtilities Robert Ferry, Elizabeth Monoian, Ken McCauley, Steven Strong
Scale It Up: How NYC Agencies Will Reach 80x50 Mikael Amar, Tarek Arafat, Caitlin Churchill, Christopher Diamond, Bomee Jung, Jessica Wurwarg
Risky Business? The Reality of Making Money Making Passive Houses Ben Igoe, Laura Nettleton, Brandon Nicholson
Mind the Gaps: Post-Occupancy Discoveries from Data and Operational Perspectives Steve Bluestone, Ben Kornfeind, Ryan Merkin, Patrick Murphy, Nora Sherman
Micro Cogeneration Systems: Increasing Efficiency and Reducing Emissions Dale Desmarais, Julie Liu, Gita Subramony
Innovation-Driven Solutions to Reducing Heating-Related Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Marshall Cox, Anthony Guerrero, Andy Huh, Pat Sapinsley
In Deep Water: Examining the Water-Energy Nexus at the Building Level Nicole Ceci, Laurie Kerr, Peter Korzeniewski
Filling the Construction Personnel Workforce Vacuum to Get to 80x50 Michael Ingui, Adam Romano
Examining the Energy Code: Successes, Challenges, Approaches for the Future
Chris Benedict, Gina Bocra LEED AP, Priscilla Richards
Engineers: Increase Your Bottom Line by Bringing Financing to the Table Patrick O'Donnell
Don't Let Thermal Bridging Undermine Your Building's Performance: An Interactive Demonstration of Pitfalls and Solutions Ed May, Andrew Peel
Data-Driven Decision Making with Building Energy Data Tools Harry Bergmann, Patrick Ferguson, Chien Harriman
Community Solar Coming Soon to a Rooftop Near You
Tria Case, Bomee Jung, Benjamin Mandel, Christopher Raup
Building Products of the Future: Where Are We Heading?
John Amatruda, Sean Brennan, Kirsten Mariager, Shawn Torbert LEED AP
Big Owners, Big Decisions: A Stakeholder Approach to Energy Transformation
Thomas Abdallah, Jenna Agins, Ryan J.S. Baxter, Frank Martino
Beyond Resiliency for NYC Public Housing Matt Fitzgerald, Mark Ginsberg, Michele Moore, Deborah Morris, Laurie Schoeman

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