Guidelines And Conditions

Last updated: April 9, 2013

All blog authors and users are subject to the following rules and guidelines. Failure to comply will result in termination of blogging rights.

The Rules for Authors

  • Content must be related to our mission: Advancing the adoption of sustainable energy practices in the built environment. No press releases or advertisements. Period.
  • Authors may POST no more than three (3) times per week (a week is defined as Sunday to the following Sunday).
  • All posts will be subject to review for inappropriate content, and may be pulled without warning.
  • Membership is required to gain posting rights. Lapsed memberships will have a one-month grace period after lapsing to renew before losing account privileges.

The Rules for Users

  • Users can enjoy unlimited COMMENTING privileges
  • Comments deemed spam by NESEA staff will be deleted, and the user permanently banned.
  • Complaints regarding a blog post content must be addressed via the comments section of the blog post in question.

Tips And Tricks for Success

As mentioned above, the one and only strict guideline for posting is that the content must be related to our mission: Advancing the adoption of sustainable energy practices in the built environment. Because we embrace whole systems thinking, this opens up a number of angles from which to discuss the business and profession of advancing said mission. Posts can approach this subject though the scope of anything from policy, building techniques, research and development, project case-studies, business development and marketing, to name a few.

We ask that contributors do NOT post press releases or advertisements. That is not to say that talking about a product your company offers is off-limits, but that you should give some real-life examples of your product in action, and be critical (and prepared for criticism) of it. The NESEA blog audience is an audience of your peers first and foremost, and the NESEA community is none too shy about calling things what they are.

Browse BuildingEnergy magazine, or the case-study guidelines for the BuildingEnergy Conference and Trade Show (BE) for some examples of appropriate content. Also browsing the descriptions of sessions and workshops for BE should give you an idea of the subject matter that would be a good fit for the blog. Your post can be much less formal, but should stand up to the same rigor that a BE session or BuildingEnergy magazine article would.

If you’re still not sure if your post is a good fit, feel free to submit it anyway. If you’re way off the mark, we’ll let you know.

We review posts mostly for style and to help with any formatting issues you might encounter (for example, if you’re uploading a photo and it’s displaying oddly, we can fix it for you).

We will review a little bit for content, only to weed out any posts that are inappropriate or potentially offensive (e.g. hate speech and excessive cursing are not permitted). We reserve the right to refuse to post any submissions.

Once your post is reviewed by one of us on staff it will be posted and publicly accessible for comments. Please limit your posting frequency to no more than three posts per week. After your first post is approved, we will give you rights to post directly. We reserve the right to revoke the direct posting privilege should we deem you are not meeting our criteria.

Author Logistics

Authors will be assigned a WordPress username and password (which they are free to change later if desired). This is different from their NESEA member log in credentials, and is also a separate log in link.

From there, authors click add a post and write. Author accounts will only have access to writing and editing your own posts.

First time authors:

  • Feel free to utilize the “Save a draft” button if you need to finish later.
  • When finished, click submit for review.

Authors with direct publishing privileges can publish immediately or use the scheduling tool.

For more help on posting, visit WordPress support.