Tasmania: Developing ‘Eco’ Living Environments

The past month I’ve spent touring through Tasmania which has a fairly similar climate to the Norhteast. I’ve stopped along the way at various homes, retreats, and communities each striving for a self proclaimed vision of eco sustainability. Some things work, some don’t, and progress can be hard. After visiting so many different manifestations of […]

Tasmania Case Study: Forest Walks Lodge

Sean and Rosemary have been developing the forest walks lodge property as an off-grid property. All power is generated on site with solar panels and micro-hydro and stored in battery packs. The newly constructed lodge features passive solar design with combined solar/instant gas hot water heating, Development Type: Eco Accommodation Vision: “The lodge is the […]

Tasmania Case Study: Tin Dragon Cottages

The Tin Dragon Trail Cottages strive to provide an eco retreat with minimal environmental impact. Graham, Christine, and son James live on and maintain the property. The most significant achievement to date is the installation of a micro hydro power generation plant making the property a net energy producer. Development Type: Eco Accommodation Vision: “While […]

Tasmania Case Study: Tasman EcoVillage

The Tasman EcoVillage is in the process of gathering an intentional community around eco sustainability. The community has been formed within the past year and currently has 14 members living on site. In their early formation, much time and effort has been placed on the social systems, and spreading their message. In my 2 short […]

BuildingEnergy NYC 14 Request for Proposals

Amelia Amon here. I’m Co-Chairing BuildingEnergy New York City this year along with Heather Nolen. We’re happy to announce that we’re now accepting proposals for  BE NYC 14, scheduled for October 16th, 2014 at the Time Life Center. Our working title is: What we measure. Why it Matters. What’s the next big thing? What are local metro […]

An Update on NESEA Chapters

While the rest of the world is posting jokes and pranks to celebrate April Fool’s day, we want to share some more serious news from NESEA. As you might be aware, NESEA has had a host of regional chapters, some geographically close to our Greenfield, MA headquarters, and one as far away as Delaware. Each […]

Survey Opportunity: Low Energy Housing – Technology Cost Index

The Net-Zero Energy Coalition is seeking costing information from builders across North America who have direct experience building net-zero energy (NZE), net-zero energy ready (NZEr), or near net-zero energy (nNZE) homes. Your participation will help to validate cost effective design and construction of NZE / NZEr / nNZE homes and support the development of guidelines […]

Algonquin College congratulates students

Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology students did very well at this year’s Student Design Competition. Read more about them here: Students Win Big at Northeast Sustainable Energy Association, and congratulations to all our hard-working emerging professionals!


I’m excited about a recent Passivhaus development that involves BE 14 speaker Shelia Kennedy’s project, the SOFT HOUSE, which is in the running for the Architizer A+ Awards. Sheila Kennedy brought a lot of great energy and a fantastic body of work, intelligence and experience to BE-14. She does work on a global level and […]

Australian Outback: Using Thermal Mass to Reduce Loads

The design lessons of extreme environments lend insight into function over aesthetic. In the desert outback of Australia there are many extremes found in very few places in the world. The extreme temperatures and summer heat have inspired some unique design solutions. In the outback town of Coober Pedy, 70% of the population lives underground […]